Militant Group Threatens Coca Cola and Nestle with Sabotage

Coca-Cola HellenicThe militant anarchist group FAI/IRF (Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front) sent an envelope on Tuesday to the offices of the newspaper Zougla, containing a USB drive and a 500ml Coca Cola bottle. The USB included a six-page declaration and a video.

The organization has threatened to attack major companies, Coca Cola and Nestle and warned that four days after sending the letter, they would place bottles of Coca Cola containing 100ml of hydrochloric acid on store shelves.

The newspaper contacted the police and sent the bottle for laboratory analysis. According to the Zougla website, FAI/IRF don’t wish to intimidate consumers, but are acting on “behalf” of public health.

FAI is an organization of anarchist groups which has it’s roots in Italy. They are united in their belief in revolutionary armed struggle. SPS is the Greek arm of the group Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, which has stated that FAI is the inspiration for their activities.

Hydrochloric acid mixed with Coca Cola has the potential to cause serious injury and may even be life threatening. It can cause severe burns to the mouth, nasal cavity and stomach, and is a powerful oxidizing agent which acts much like bleach.


  1. Syriza buddies strike again.

    They scream about Golden Dawn, but the real threat to Greeks is the far left crazies.

  2. Golden Dawn are a bunch of nazi fucks who need to be lined up against the wall and shot. Same like AmeriKKKan Christian/republican/conservatives.


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