97 Migrants Rescued off Greece

    Migrants Coast of GreeceThe Greek coastguard has rescued 97 migrants sailing off the south of the country near city of Pylos, Greece after their boat ran into trouble in bad weather, a spokeswoman said Thursday.
    The boat first encountered difficulties late on Monday and the rescue operation, in which 13 vessels and one helicopter participated, was completed on Wednesday.
    All the migrants are doing well according to the coastguard. Their nationalities have not been released.
    Two pregnant women and an elderly woman were taken to the city’s health center as a precautionary measure, the state-run Athens News Agency reported.
    It is not the first time that such an incident has occurred in the Ionian Sea. Just last year a boat was found floating adrift because of an engine malfunction, 20 nautical miles west of Corfu. Seventeen illegal immigrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan were found inside trying to go from Albania to Italy.


    1. Fortunately the 97 were migrants and not aliens attempting to enter the country illegally.

    2. I think he is using hyperbole, but make no mistake, this invasion is as existential as that of Xerxes and Darius. Don’t agree? Then please post your contact info so we can send a few of the “migrants” your way.


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