Sales Drop Even Further

Christmas-shoppingShop-owners have reported an increase in customer traffic until Christmas Eve, but a drop in the volume of sales especially in the major Greek cities. It has been estimated that Christmas holiday turnover will reach 6.8 billion euros, which is 800 million less than last year and a 70% reduction in comparison to 2008 when turnover reached 21.9 billion euros.

One of the main reasons for the drop in sales this year was the cutting of the Christmas bonus for civil servants and pensioners. In addition, most Greeks are planning to do their shopping during the winter sales which will last from January 13 to February 28.

Meanwhile, the Association of Retail Sales Enterprises of Greece (SELPE) has requested that its members are allowed to open their stores on Sunday, December 29. Minister of Development, Costis Hatzidakis was interviewed by SKAI Radio and said that “there is no place in the world where stores are closed on December 29. However the commerce unions in Athens have decided to remain closed.” He continued, “I hope everyone realizes that Athanasios Skordas, the Deputy Minister of Development and I, were correct to propose the opening of stores on 52 Sundays per year. Unfortunately our position was not voted on in Parliament.” However, regional authorities will decide if stores should open on more Sundays, apart from the seven per year as required by law.

According to the Athens Tradesmen Association and the City of Athens, even though shops will be closed on Sunday, December 29, they will be open until 11 pm on Saturday in an event called “White Night.”



  1. Dear Greek reporter
    Greece needs to change it thinks and operates..The Greek economy does not just function on the public service.. It needs to start thinking of enticing the private sector to employ people in Greece and get away from the public sector..
    If companies and private sector does not operate in Greece and make money it will not pay taxes to pay the public sector for services and amenities…

    Greece has for too long been operating for the public sector and the time has come to change this mentality and open it markets..
    1.Greece needs a centralised licencing scheme for all trades and professions.
    2.Greece needs a land titles office to be set up…and compulsary building insurance for all strata plans in Greece and to be administered by the government…

    3.Greece needs some public toilets in all capital cities…and islands and on beaches
    4. One professional body for Accountants and Solicitors not 52 as is currently
    5. Free trade agreement with the USA..NO MATTER WHAT..
    6. Tourist information offices in Athens, Thessaloniki and all capital cities with an international airport…
    7. Abolish permanent employment in Greece department by department…If anyone does not turn up for work replace them with a junior from a Greek university who wants a job and is willing to help people…
    8. Set up an independent auditors general office
    9. Tax collection officers to go electronic
    10. All legal cases to be put online…not just a paper trail..

    Greece does not only need to set the abovementioned up but to also enforce them..

  2. Coca Cola,FAGE etc. all the good companies have left Greece. In order to have a healthy economy big corporations need to come in. But with all your taxes and red tape who would venture to start a company in Greece??


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