SYRIZA Takes the Lead in New Poll


A Kapa Research opinion poll carried out on behalf of the newspaper “TO VIMA,” gives SYRIZA a 0.8 percent lead over New Democracy.

In particular, the opinion poll places the major opposition party first with 22.5 percent and second comes New Democracy with 21.7 percent. The Greek neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, seems to be stable in third position with 7.5 percent. In fourth stands the Greek Communist Party (KKE) with 5.8 percent. Right behind the Communist Party is the coalition party PASOK with 5.6 percent.  The Independent Greeks Party (ANEL) is sixth with 4 percent. DIMAR has just 2.8 percent and would be therefore out of Parliament as the threshold needed to be in the Parliament is 3 percent.

On the matter which of the two parties — SYRIZA or New Democracy — will be most likely to win the elections, 44.6 percent answered SYRIZA while the 38.5 percent New Democracy.

On the issue of who would be most suitable for the position of prime minister, coalition leader and current Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras received 42.8 percent of votes from those who participated in the poll, followed by SYRIZA chief Alexis Tsipras with 34.5 percent.

The respondents of the poll were also asked which party they are going to vote for in the forthcoming elections of the European Parliament. First comes SYRIZA with 19.7 percent and follows New Democracy with 18.6 percent. Third is Golden Dawn with 7.1 percent and fourth is PASOK with 5 percent. KKE stands fifth with 4.9 percent and sixth ANEL with 3.8 percent. DIMAR stands at 2.5 percent.

Last but not least, the polled sample answered the question of which coalition government would be most suitable to govern Greece and face the difficulties of the ongoing economic recession. The respondents claiming that a coalition government based mainly on New Democracy and under Antonis Samaras leadership would be suitable to help Greece get back on track, amounted to 40.4 percent, while 36.7 percent claimed that a coalition government based on  SYRIZA and under Alexis Tsipras leadership has what it takes to help Greece’s efforts.


  1. The poll failed to ask respondents to speculate which party would form a coalition with ND and SYRIZA. Which party would partner with New Democracy after it has attacked SYRIZA and GD? There is none with enough votes that is willing to be the sacrificial lamb to be a coalition partner. Look for a gradual internal party effort to oust Samaras and bring up another anointed son of ND to “lead’ the party.

  2. gd is falling, hopefully Greeks realize the nazi party is dead and offers nothing but hate toward xeni.

  3. Not that this excuses GD, but no small number of the “xeni{” are greek hating bigots that quietly collude with Skopians.

  4. “Another Anointed son of ND to lead the party.” Someone like Kyriakos M LMAO………… or God help us who knows ?
    Come Spring of 2014, the Greek citizens of Greece will say goodbye to the Corrupt coalition government of Samaras and that fat crook pig.
    The entire world with common sense and logic dictates and are expecting nothing less than a Greek exit in 2014.
    They are supporting Greece only because of the financial institutions from collapsing and Germany-banking system.
    GAME OVER……………………………..

  5. Nothing will work for ND now, they already sealed their fate by working with PASOK and both are responsible for destroying Greece for 40 years of corrupt rule.

  6. Yes ND has the very bad habit of recycling family members to ensure a dynasty and the flow of patronage into their bank accounts. Almost every organization in the country is well laced with corrupt political ND/PASOK appointees that must purged and punished as an example. Future appointments should require a majority and be limited to scope and authority.. At issue is will we be trading one group of thieves for another? I prefer a government in the form of a coalition with some measure of checks and balances.

  7. ND has partnered with the devil and it isn’t PASOK. People are tiring of their inability to enact reforms and they have been caught with their hands in the government trough too often not be party policy. But rather than punish of those in his party, Samaras has chosen instead to go on the offensive against GD and SYRIZA. A bad political move that has yielded no gains. ND’s political power brokers are uneasy and are quickly grooming successor(s) to Samaras.

  8. I will hold you to that Tedi the Am-Turd.
    You have yet to make a true prediction but who knows even American [email protected] occasionally win a war…just not on their own ahahahaha!!

  9. Samaras and his party are barely hanging in Parliament. He knows it and the lying continues thru him and Stournaras.
    I’m hoping for National Parliament elections. ND is finished and PASOK gone forever!

  10. Nearly all politicians lie that’s how they become politicians in the first place. ND has many arms in many places and pockets so it will not be as easy to topple them from power as long as they enjoy the very deep pockets of the EU-EZ.


    I want to visit Greece when it looks like Magadishu and the citizens are so broke, they will dance for Euros.

  12. Who cares which party rules in Greece?
    Sure it’s well past time for a changing of the old guard, but firstly, the people need to rewrite the constitution.
    Until parliamentarians have their enjoyed and exploited protection from criminal prosecution removed, and are held accountable and transparently represent the voters which elect them, then only more of the same self destruction of greek society and nationality.

  13. No American would call themselves “TediUSA”. Trust me he is just pretending not to know Greek.

  14. Trust me Jeff he is not a Greek.
    I believe he is of Eastern European/ Slavic origins but an American citizen just the same.
    His rantings about how great Uncle Sam is confirms it for me.
    He is no more despicable than most of the Greek Americans who get on here anyway!!

  15. A Greek SYRIZA government actually would be better for the United States. After years of pressuring the Greek Government on many issues like Macedonia, Church-state relations Syriza will take care of those issues and help the United States a lot. Americans wouldn’t have to pay much money to help in foreign aid to Greece in which Tsipras would restructure the debts and would not ask a cent from the IMF and EU. So it’s a win-win for SYRIZA and the US.

  16. Have to love how the Skopian propagandist pretends to be a Greek libertarian. Why you engage in conscious fraud it only shows what a lying scumball you are..

  17. Funny how Skopians like you support communist in Greece then support ultra rightwing fascists in FYROM. You are obvious a man of principle and ethics.


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