Greek Companies Anxious About Turkish Political Instability


The radical developments on the political scenery of Turkey lately have caused anxiety among policymakers of more than 500 Greek companies that have “cashed” money to the neighboring country. The companies’ officials believe that their investments are not at risk, but they’ve decided to monitor the situation closely in order to prevent any unpleasant turn of events.

The most worrisome thing for the Greek firms is the continuing slide of the Turkish lira. In particular, over the past six months, the Turkish lira has lost 25 percent of its value, something that has caused an increase in the price of Greek products. Despite this negative development, no problems occurred in interbank transactions… at least until now, the firms’ officials report to Kathimerini.

They added that there is no problem with their investments in Turkey, but they do not deny that the continuous “fall” of the lira has a negative impact on Greek exports to Turkey.

The main concern of the Greek companies with subsidiaries in Turkey is how this crisis will be defused and if the country will go to the polls. The latter, many pundits claim, is the most likely scenario.


  1. “Over the past six months, the Turkish lira has lost 25 percent of its value”
    Let’s hope for a complete collapse of the Turkish economy!
    Why the hell would any Greek invest in a nation that is built upon the genocide of the Hellenic civilization of Asia Minor! Have they forgotten that the Holiest Church in all of Orthodox Christendom was converted by these Turkism muslims into a mosque and has now been converted into a museum? Scum! I hope the Greek companies and private investors that invested in Turkey lose everything.

  2. MSMiles, i thought that the ones like you extinct after the WWII but still you are here 🙂
    it is good to see such good neighbours like you 🙂
    try to read neutral history books and there you can see too many massacres occured in asia minor by Greeks, but we get over it already and we wish the Greek economy will be good again because we are neighbours. i can`t wish anything bad about my neighbour, i raised this way by my parents unlike you.
    and do not worry Turkey will be ok anyhow, we are big enough to get over it.
    you are talking about Hagia Sophia but can you tell me how many mosques you have in Athens? after your answer maybe we can start to talk, because as far as i remember you terminate and collapsed all mosques from the Ottoman era but unlike you we did not terminate the churches in our country.
    Now get a life…………

  3. No, you just murdered the church goers and closed the churches. Then you violate our air space, and have the gall to expect us to care about you? You aren’t our neighbors. Your neighbors are in Mongolia and Turkmenistan.

  4. actually name is Abed Allush and everyone knows that it is not Turkish but mosly sounds like Arabic,.

    anyway why would not they let? is it forbidden for Turks to write articles in this platform?

    you see, i can write comments 🙂