Greek Drivers to Pay 58 Euros in Tolls From Athens to Thessaloniki


An unpleasant surprise is in store for Greek drivers next year. The Greek government decided to increase, in unprecedented levels, the cost of the tolls in all motor-ways, something that’s causing a headache for Greek drivers.

If someone wants to drive from Athens to Thessaloniki, they will have to pay 58 euros in toll fees. The cost of the toll fee is larger than the price of the fuel needed for the trip! This large increase in the tolls, along with the ongoing economic crisis, will make the Greek drivers turn to other means of transport as they cannot afford the unbearable cost of the new tariffs.

This new measure was initially announced that it will be applied from the first day of the New Year. Then, the Greek government decided to slightly delay the application of this new measure for 20 days, but the core of the problem remains the same for the Greek drivers.

This increase happens to coincide with some construction work on all national roads, which not only aim to improve the roads’ conditions, but also to increase revenue for the contractors of these projects by establishing new tolls on many spots along Greek highways.