Liapis Gets Suspended Term For Fake Plates

Michalis Liapis explained himself to reporters he said were hounding him
Michalis Liapis explained himself to reporters he said were hounding him

Former Greek transport minister Michalis Liapis, arrested earlier this month  in Greece on charges of driving his luxury car with false license plates, no license, no registration and no insurance, was given a suspended four-year jail sentence on Dec. 30 by a Greek court.

The prosecutor had called for Liapis to be found guilty on charges of false certification and forgery and said the charge showed that he was “an individual with leanings toward crime,” and that he should be made an example of because of his high standing, political connections and wealth which showed he could have paid but didn’t want to.

“This immensely rich person refused to pay such a small sum, forging his license plates,” the prosecutor said. Liapis was trying to duck paying a 1,320 euros annual road tax required for drivers to keep their cars on the road.

He said he turned in his plates earlier this year because he didn’t have the money to pay it despite a substantial savings account and owning 28 properties. When he was arrested he claimed that, “I’m a pensioner,” and that he was just driving the car unlawfully to charge the battery.

After his arrest he was able to take a vacation to Malaysia. On his return, he told reporters waiting for him at Athens International Airport that he had taken the Asian trip to “relax after my dramatic experience” and blamed the Greek media for hounding him after his arrest.

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative leader, ejected Liapis from the party and called on prosecutors to show no leniency toward the rich and privileged but the court decided not to jail him.


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  2. That’s hardly an acceptable answer to have the choice between chronic corrupt nepotism or despotic socio-Marxism. Samaras by his ineffectiveness has worn through the people’s trust and their patience. Because of the polarization of the electorate there will likely be another coalition government but ND has effectively isolated themselves from the other parties. Basically they have become the Lepers of parliament and no one dares to associate themselves least they become another PASOK or worse DIMAR on the brink of extinction. If you have in mind another party with votes to back ND let us know. But it’s not there…sorry.

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