Anti-Smoking Law a Joke


While the Greek Ministry of Health has made it crystal clear that it will not tolerate further violation of the anti-smoking law, along with a campaign of systematic controls during the holidays, absolutely nothing has happened and no fines have been imposed.

It is rumored however that during 2014, the Greek Ministry of Health along with the Greek police will initiate a campaign of checks of restaurants, cafeterias and bars.

Some doubt whether the ministry is committed to the effort long term, or is just looking for easy money. But as they say “actions speak louder than words.”

The fines for smokers caught flouting the ban in public places could reach 500-euros, while for the owners of restaurants, bars and other establishments, it could be as high as 10,000-euros. On some occasions, businesses could be forcibly shut down for months at a time.



  1. What a great idea to alienate customers at struggling businesses and slap them with fines that would close their business, or give the inspector another overstuffed envelope. Brilliant deep thinkers over there at the Ministry of Health. What is ND’s cut of the action?

  2. It seems “POLYCRATES” a bit of a PolyPig ! Sadly smokers in Greece have yet to understand the CLEAR LINK between SMOKING, CANCER, and HEALTHCARE DEBT when 1/3 of uts citizens will neec hospital care in their 50s due to smoking-related diseases ! If you cant afford the medical bills for NORMALLY-aging people in their 70s and 80s, how in the hell are you going to afford to cure the SMOKING-related sick people in their 40s and 50s. Just more proof that Greeks only think of NOW and don’t give a damn about the FUTURE. What I find even MORE grotesque, is that the average Greek couldn’t give a FUG about their children or grand-children,,, because if they truly did care about them, they wouldn’t leave them TRILLIONS of Euros in debt and they wouldn’t EVADE PAYING THEIR TAXES ! So let’s see WHO will be left to take care of you POLYCRATES.

  3. So, I guess business and a merchant’s profits are more important to POLYCRATES than citizens remaining alive ? Just one question POLYCRAP, if all of your clients DIE OFF FROM LUNG CANCER AND EMPHEZIMA, who will be left to come into your store to buy something ?! That is the same DEMENTED thinking that got Greece INTO the Euro in the first place. LESSON LEARNED: when your policies chase the Euro you are DOOMED as a country.

  4. Well, all I can say is my youngest sister died of lung cancer due to smoking. The smoking in Greece is awful and they are about to pay a huge price. Lung cancer has become epidemic in Greece in the last 5 years.

  5. I know someone that recently passed away from Lung Cancer and I blame the doctors being on strike. Lung cancer can happen to anyone even non-smokers, but striking doctors is inexcusable. Now if you are against smoking go ahead and lead the charge to outlaw all tobacco products and let the government find another tax to make up the difference. Tobacco farmers in Greece (Europe’s second largest grower) will be demanding subsidies to make up the loss of revenue. Non-smokers should pay a clean air tax as compensation to the government and farmers.

  6. Japanese are also big smokers have you checked their longevity charts lately? Put your emotions aside and try thinking for a change.

  7. Let me allow you to suggest an alternative to tobacco revenue that accounts for millions of euros. Tell me where will governments make up the difference? Will it be the poor, the unemployed, someone will pay because as we know governments are not about to cut back from their addiction to tobacco tax. May I add the tobacco industry employs hundred of people and thousands in a macro-economic model. Who will pay their unemployment…… You.

  8. heres a thought how about you use your free will to not to go into places that allow smoking you have the choice not to go in. how simple is that see very easy u can choose not to walk in let the owners decide what they want not some loner on a crusade to stop smoking. there are serious things going on in the world u and want to fight for non smoking how bout you use your words on stop something more important

  9. Smokers are the last thing this Gov’t of Thieves and Liars should worry about !
    Soon they will take every last bit of FREEDOM from the Greek People.

  10. BRAVO! — bsolutely right… let the Shop owners choose and if customers don’t like smoking in their place– they can leave!
    These silly new laws are to DISTRACT the people from REAL matters that they want you to forget about. What a joke this Gov’t is!

  11. Still waiting for your reply to my questions to you 13 hours ago. Why the delay a little too much bubbly (Alcohol) last night, or you just don’t know?

  12. You blame the doctors for your friend’s cancer ? What kind of logic, or should I say lack of is that ? What did the doctors have to do with your friend dying of lung cancer ?

    That logic doesn’t make sense nor does the rest of your post. Science has proven tobacco causes cancer. No one can argue that.

    For years in the U.S.A. we had an asbestos industry that was huge and provided large tax revenues. Our science technology advanced and we learned asbestos was deadly to humans and cause cancer. Our government outlawed asbestos to save human lives. The asbestos manufacturers moved on to another line of work. That is what tobacco farmers should do. Grow something else like food, instead of a crop that kills people.

    So an industry that causes death and addiction should be given subsidies according to you.

    Smokers are a minority in the U.S.A. by a wide margin. Why should non-smokers be exposed to the unhealthy habits of smokers ? Why should non-smokers pay taxes on clean air when smokers are the ones polluting the air ?

    Smokers die of lung cancer because they made bad choices. Science has also proven that non-smokers have developed cancer by working in a smoker’s environment. That is why it is illegal in the U.S. to smoke in public places.

    When the medical technology in Greece catches up to today’s U.S.A. medical technology maybe the Greek politicians will value human life more than tax revenue as you do.

  13. Without proper medical care by a doctor and in a system where the field of medicine has been undermined by unionists these are sounds reasons to blame doctors that have violated their Hippocratic Oath.
    You have done an excellent job of parroting the media. When NYC passed a punitive Tobacco-Cigarette Tax the highest in the nation, the revenue dropped almost overnight but for the wrong reason. Politicians hailed the news as evidence of their success, all while entrepreneurs were trucking in smuggled cigarettes from lower tax states. Same thing in Europe and Asia only the scale of smuggling by organized crime is much larger and far more dangerous. I’ll bet you never read or heard that in the media.
    Now how about your suggestion where the lost Tobacco Tax Revenue for Greece in millions will be recovered and by whom. Also your insight as to WHO will compensate tobacco farmers, processors, warehousemen, truckers, distributors, brokers and shippers for their loss of revenue and equipment invested to grow, harvest, process, transport and sell tobacco products. Until you can answer these questions your argument is half valid but pointless going forward.

  14. I’ve given documented scientific facts. All you have given is rhetoric (hot air).

    I’m not parroting the media, With all due respect, I’m just a lot more educated than you are.

    Pointless going forward ? That’s funny. Your argument personifies the word ignorant. There is no logic to what you have posted.

    Here’s an analogy for you delineating just how absurd your argument is. If someone makes a bad business investment manufacturing a product that turns out to be dangerous, according to you they should be compensated for making a stupid decision. So according to your flawed theory the taxpayer is obligated to pay for the stupid decision made by the business.

    Sorry, but your flawed theory doesn’t get any dumber than that.

  15. You cannot respond to my straightforward posed questions so now you resort to name calling a clear sign of a failed argument. Think my questions through because you will again be challenged as you obviously are now to think instead of feel for an answer. It’s difficult because you have not been in a position to think for yourself and you have allowed others to think for you. So they draw the conclusions instead to you. Before government and society can move forward on the issue there will have to be rational responses based upon facts and economics. These questions will be posed again and again until there is a satisfactory answer, so far it’s not coming from you. Try little harder next time.

  16. Why don’t you try reading a little slower or have someone read it to you and you’ll see I did answer your question. You seem to have a reading comprehension problem or you simply don’t have the IQ to understand it.

    I think for myself rather well. Maybe you should think before you type, because many of your sentences are incoherent.

    Let me try and spell it out for you and make it simple for you. When a product is produced for the general public, and that same product causes death in humans, the government in any country should step in and protect their citizens as their oath of office requires.

    As far as your ridiculous economics issue. Stack up the trillions of dollars in medical costs to treat the people that contracted cancer from smoking as opposed to the millions of dollars in lost tax revenue, lost jobs, etc.. You use the word THINK. Did you ever THINK of medical costs vs. tax revenue ? Obviously not.

    I did not result to name calling. I addressed the issues you raised for what they were…….stupid and ignorant. These words I used are an accurate description of your flawed thinking.

  17. The incoherent sentences are entirely yours and your points are not thought through. Do not dismiss the economics that is the driving factor for governments to sustain Tobacco Revenue. Governments are far more addicted to tobacco than you THINK. But you have failed once again to present a satisfactory answer. If tobacco is outlawed what do you THINK will happen? Will there be a surge in smuggling, illegal growers, a flourishing black market? What about enforcement if it is possible, and the associated cost which will be high and likely deadly? What other “deadly products to humans” do you now wish to include in your list along with tobacco? I believe in freedom based upon personal choice and you in collective totalitarianism. Which do you THINK is flawed?

  18. Oh Good Grief…Greek doctors violated their Hippocratic Oath when they allow greek society to continue to smoke without sounding an alarm bell.

  19. I’m seeing a ‘pattern’ with Mr. Polycrates… a pattern of such illogic that I would suggest he ‘read’ his posts before he has a another cigarette.

  20. No……….I’ve provided an intelligent answer. Unfortunately, it appears you are either to uneducated to comprehend it, or to ignorant to understand it.


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