New Year’s Eve Under the Acropolis of Athens

New Year’s Eve under the Acropolis of AthensWithin the framework of events planned by the Municipality of Athens, Greece, for New Year’s Eve, the city center will become a melting pot of inhabitants and tourists, to the sounds of festive music. The special event which marks the last evening of the year will include concerts and theatrical displays to complement the celebrations. The events are scheduled to begin at noon on Tuesday, with music and theatrical festivities at various locations in the city.

The program in detail is as follows:

Varvakios Square
14:00 Alexandros Arkadopoulos – clarinet band
Neos Kosmos Metro Station
14:00 Dorόs (eastern sounds – traditional)
Kolonaki Square
15:00 L’Anima string quartet
Municipal Market of Kipseli (Fokionos Negri Street)
16:00 Diminuita Swing Trio and swing dancers
Merkouri Square in Petralona district
16:30 Flamenco music and dance by “Symmetria”
Keramikos Metro Station
17:00 Felino Tango
Ermou Street (Monastiraki quarter & Syntagma)
18:00 Philharmonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens
Syntagma Square
20:00 Choir of the Municipality of Athens
21:00 Stringless (a capella group)
Ermou Pedestrianized Area (Thisio)
20:00 Composer Mimis Plessas and the Municipality
of Athens Big Band
21:00 Mode Plagal (Jazz – Fusion music)
Dionissiou Areopagitou Pedestrianized Area
20:00 Encardia
21:00 Muchatrela
22:00 Nikos Touliatos’ “Ichodrasi” and the Battuca percussion group
in a musical march from Dionissiou Areopagitou Pedestrian street
towards the Thisio Central Stage
Central Stage – Thisio
22:00 Fide Koksal, Nasos Sopilis and music band
22:20 Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens,
with soloists, M. Psiras, L. Messini, Eleni Peta and Vassilis Lekas.

2014 will be welcomed with a bang! There will be fireworks alongside the sound of drums provided by the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens and other percussion groups, plus New Year’s carols  “Calanda” by the participating artists.
00:05 Nikos Portokaloglou
01:00 Giota Nega and Gerasimos Andreatos

The Antosi theatrical group will also be participating in the New Year’s Eve celebrations with a series of small, improvised and scripted events.


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