Las Vegas Sands Considering Casino in Athens Greece

athens-casinoWorld’s largest casino operator, Las Vegas Sands, is examining the option of operating a casino in Athens, Greece. The company is considering this option after rejecting plans for the creation of a 30-billion-euros mega-resort in Spain.

The head of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, Sheldon Adelson — when talking to Bloomberg — reported that he is examining the options of creating a new casino resort in various European capitals such as Athens, Rome, Madrid, and Paris.

This is not the first time that the  Las Vegas Sands Corporation turns to Greece. In 2007, the company submitted a proposal for the creation of a casino in Athens’s former international airport at Elliniko, to the Ministry of Finance.

The issue of operating a casino in Athens initially arose in 1994, when Greece’s  first casino permits were issued. However the subject has re-emerged since the start of the privatization process of the Elliniko site. However, market experts claim that the operation of a casino at Elliniko could create more problems than it would solve. OPAP gaming company had raised a legal issue as it holds the 565-million-euro license to operate video lotto terminals and its agents have to follow rules such as player limits and identity cards by law. However, these rules do not apply to casinos.The Loutraki casino reacted in a similar way, as the Greek state has promised the company that no casino would operate in the capital. 

It is widely known that Las Vegas Sands is in direct negotiations with the governments when it wishes to obtain a license instead of making bids. This may be Adelson’s plan for Athens.


  1. Sheldon Gary Adelson is a JEWISH American businessman. He is chairman and CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation the parent company of Venetian Macao Limited which operates The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and the Sands Expo and Convention Center. He also owns the ISRAELI daily newspaper Israel HaYom. As of December 2013, Adelson was listed by Forbes as having a fortune of $37.2 billion. Forbes places him as the 5th richest American.

    Adelson spearheaded a major project to bring the Sands name to Macau, the Chinese gambling city that had been a Portuguese colony until December 1999. The one-million-square-foot Sands Macao became the People’s Republic of China’s first Las Vegas-style casino when it opened in May 2004. Adelson recovered his initial $265-million investment IN ONE YEAR and, because he owns 69% of the stock, he increased his wealth when he took the stock public in December 2004. Since the opening of the Sands Macao, Adelson’s personal wealth has multiplied more than FOURTEEN TIMES. Adelson’s company is reportedly under federal investigation over alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act relating to payments made to a Macao lawyer. Adelson’s company is reportedly under federal investigation over alleged violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

    The LAST THING an already economically impoverished Greece needs is a Jewish billionaire who operates out of the USA and Israel opening a casino in Athens to make himself even more profit at the expense of desperate Greek citizens who will no doubt turn up in desperation hoping to strike it rich but will instead find themselves joining countless other homeless Greek citizens sleeping rough on the streets. This vile Jewish scumbag brings nothing but death and misery to Greece. You can be sure that the current New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime will welcome his “casino building venture”, you can also be sure that if Golden Dawn is elected to govern Greece this vile Jewish degenerate will be banned from doing any business in Hellas.

    NOTE: In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, “I Didn’t Leave the Democrats. They Left me”, Adelson specifies three reasons why he switched political parties. First, he cites foreign policy, pointing to a Gallup poll that suggests Republicans are MORE SUPPORTIVE OF ISRAEL than Democrats.

    That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this Jewish thief may be completely unscrupulous when it comes to raping gentiles of their money but his loyalty to his Jewish tribe is unshakeable!

  2. Poverty is at an all time high and the “Misery of Finance” are considering a land based casino? What are they thinking besides lining their pockets and opening doors to corruption, vice and gangs.

  3. And what does any of your fascist antisemetic crap have to do with Hellensism? If you love Nazism so much why don’t you move to Germany and find a neo-Nazi group?

  4. do everyone a favor take all your nazi buddies and commit suicide like your leader hitler

  5. Buddy go get a real job and education and be resourceful to society. I bet you can’t even help your own family if you have one, yet you sit hear preaching non-sense because you were raised in a free democratic society yet bashing it and distorting facts.

    You disgrace Greeks like my Grand father and other who fought against the Italians in Albania and later the Nazi’s and was beaten to death for the freedom of Greece and you sit here being a fake Nazi. If your Greek and I saw you in front of me saying this crap i’d literally destroy your Nazi ass.

  6. Don’t be silly re!!
    This is great!!
    It will increase tourism especially the bigger end of town,
    Isn’t Greece sick of the drunken lowlife English that invade every year???
    That is a result of not investing enough in their tourist industry & then going for the cheap easy dollar.
    You get what you pay for & Greece now is getting the trash of Europe stinking up its shores.
    This will bring high rollers…Russians & Chinese would be the 1st people I would be targeting!

  7. If you could be selective of who can enter the casino and limit it to illegal immigrants and tourists that would lessen the Poverty Index and Organized Crime Index. But that is not the intention of the government nor the casino’s interest. A day cruise casino-entertainment ship is a more palatable option where wealthy “migrants” floating offshore can jump off their leaking dhows on to the ship, drink and game away until it returns to port.

  8. I never once mentioned National Socialism in my above comment. You are unable to refute any of the facts I present and so you resort to posting irrelevant comments about “Nazism”.

  9. Without going into too much detail I am a White collar professional and earn 3 times the national average, and am still quite young.
    I should add that I don’t judge a person by their income or their job as I believe we are all interdependent, everybody has a role to play in society, however since you told me that I need to get a real job, and implied that I can’t even help my own family I needed to point out some facts.

  10. I doubt it too, especially the $30 billion resort. I’m guessing it was more like 30 million.

  11. Casinos do more harm than good to local economies. In the city of Toronto where I live, we had debate last year and thankfully the majority of the city council rejected a mega Vegas casino to be built in our city. I also campaigned against it, because if you study what happens when a casino is brought into a community the only ones who make money is the owner operated and corrupt politicians who give the Vegas operators the ‘rights’ to operate in the city. Casino are a magnet for organized crime, prostitution, money laundering and create economic dead-zones in the areas that surround them. In fact other than Vegas in North America, no large cities allow casinos to operate in their core including, New York, Chicago, LA, and now Toronto. Casino operators promise economic growth to get into new markets, but their promises create city decay just look at Atlantic city as an example. I hope the citizens of Athens and in Greece in general do not fall victim to the good fellas from Vegas and their fake allure of economic growth.

  12. Do you know The issue of operating a casino in Athens initially arose in 1994, when Greece’s first casino permits were issued?


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