First Movie of 2014: “Straight Story” Turns Society Upside Down!

“Straight Story” is a witty comedy written by Vladimiros Kyriakidis and Efi Mouriki, that turns society… upside down! It takes place in an imaginary society where being gay is normal but being straight is unacceptable.

Greek Reporter and Odeon S.A. through, present the best Greek movies of recent years! The first day of the year and after the hangover, we suggest to stay home with friends and watch this unique film!

John is growing up in a happy family with two dads, who are eager to see him married… to a man! But what happens when their son will announce that he is madly in love with a woman?

The problems begin when John falls in love with Sophia who is in a relationship with Zeta; despite trying to be faithful she finally gives in to her feelings for John.

The parents of the young heterosexual couple suffer because of their children’s “weird” sexual preference. Neighbors avoid contact with the heterosexual couple, and the gay society generally wants to repress the heterosexuals.

At the same time, one of John’s fathers is cheating on his husband with a woman.

This comedy is beyond imagination. The misunderstandings and the twists make it even more hilarious.

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  1. Social trash re-engineering at work shrouded as a comedy. I’m sure the theaters will be packed with audiences starved for such homosexual-comedy movies especially in these hard economic times where every euro is carefully spent. You can always find a typical comedy playing somewhere, but edgy socially questionable movies like Straight Story are hard to find. Afterwards Kyriakidis and Mouriki should encourage the Ministry of Education to allow their movie to be seen by our young highly impressionable school children instead of sex-education class.

  2. The only thing I ‘hate’ is ‘loving’ you too much.

    Suck me off, beautiful!