Georgiadis Confronts PASOK On Hospital Fee

Bring it on! Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis vs. PASOK
Bring it on! Greek Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis vs. PASOK

Showing again just how fragile Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ coalition is, Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis has challenged his partners, PASOK, to come up with another way to raise 40 million euros if they persist in their demand that the government drop a 25 euro hospital admission fee – which the Socialists had backed 100 percent.

PASOK chief Evangelos Venizelos, who was made Deputy Prime Minister/Foreign Minister by Samaras after dropping his objection to the firing of state workers at the national  broadcaster ERT that was closed down, also barked briefly about the partial lifting of a ban on mortgage foreclosures his party had put in place in a previous government but gave in on that as well.

Venizelos has repeatedly voiced public objections to a number of austerity measures the government is imposing before going along with every one of them, leading critics to say he’s playing a populist card and trying to have it both ways. PASOK is floundering at 5 percent in the polls and unless it agreed to alter its principles to join the coalition,  Venizelos would be an irrelevant, powerless back bencher.

“We don’t have to argue. If PASOK says that the measure, which has been approved twice in Parliament, should not be enforced…it must propose other fiscal measures to offset the lost revenue,” Georgiadis, a member of New Democracy, in challenging Samaras’ own Deputy Premier to offer an alternative.

The combative minister, who relishes tangling with critics, defended the measure, saying that it was “very logical” and that it would help provide health services to the poor even though many of them don’t have 25 euros to pay for admission.

Georgiadis added that the 40 million euros the government expects to raise from the measure would be reaped back into state hospitals to cover the medical costs of the poor, if the poor can afford to pay for the admission and then get the services back if they can.


  1. Oooh. Adonis reminds me of my younger days when I was an Adonis. My erastes would tell me how handsome I was, until I grew some back hair one day

  2. Georgiadis must have received the green light from Samaras before he confronted PASOK. But this is for public consumption only. Although he is sympathetic to the far right that will change as he is being groomed by ND factions for higher office. Watch as Kyriakos Mitsotakis & family attempt to regain the initiative for party leadership and cut him off at the knees.

  3. Georgiadis political future is tied to New Democracy and New Democracy is finished. New Democracy will not survive the massive double blow it will recieve at the May 2014 Greek municipal and EU parliamentary elections.

  4. The New Democracy MP Adonis Georgiadis responds that when illegal immigrants show up at public hospitals and demand treatment but refuse to provide details of their identity -(note how disrespectful these 3rd Worlders are to the Hellenic nation)- the New Democracy-Pasok coalition regime has instructed hospital staff to keep track of these costs and they will be paid by the EU. i.e. One way or the other European taxpayers will be paying for the free treatment of illegal 3rd World immigrants.

    Άδωνης: Τσάμπα οι λαθρομετανάστες στα δημόσια νοσοκομεία

    “Illegal immigrants given free care at Public (Greek taxpayer funded) hospitals”


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