Greek Suspect in Arms Bribery Scandal Set Free

Panayiotis EfstathiouPanayiotis Efstathiou, a Greek businessman and key suspect in the German arms bribery scandal testified on January 2, in front of the investigator. In his testimony he implicated two former Defense Chiefs, the deceased former Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff, Giorgos Theodoroulakis, and former Chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff, Kostas Panayiotakis.

The 83-year-old Panayiotis Efstathiou, was released today. The Judicial Council which also met today, has been called to rule on the dispute between the investigator and prosecutor regarding the punishment of Efstathiou, formally a representative of the German firm Atlas Elektronik. The Council upheld the prosecutor’s decision to release Efstathiou.

The Judicial Council imposed bail of 500,000 euros, a travel ban and mandatory appearance at a police station three times a month. The Council took into consideration the poor health of the defendant. Efstathiou is suffering from cancer and was transferred to hospital late on Thursday after complaining of feeling faint after 12 hours of testimony.

The second arms dealer interrogated on Friday, 78-year old Dimitris Papachristos, was detained in prison after his testimony in which he also admitted to having paid Kantas, according to court sources.
According to Kantas’ testimony and court sources, Papachristos represented Wegmann in Greece at the time the alleged bribes were paid.

Greece is set to overhaul arms procurement procedures, in order to make them more transparent, Defense Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos said on Friday. This follows the wide-ranging corruption inquiry which has led to the arrest of a former defense official and two arms dealers.


  1. Was there ever any doubt he wasn’t going be set free.
    The Samaras Venizelos junta made sure he was set free before he named names.

  2. How is Venizelos keeping out of this Arms Scandal when it was alleged 3 months ago he was also connected to the German BRIBES when he was Defense Minister? What a joke this inquest is when they and the Greek Military were all BRIBED by the Germans…. Why are these Germans not being “extradited” from Germany and sent to Greece by Germany to answer for their CRIMES aganist Greece, which they are required to do by EU & International LAW? Why do the German get a free PASS to hide away their guilty ARMS MERCHANT CRIMINALS in Germany???
    Is this an example of the new EU JUSTICE for all members?? –What a FRAUD!

  3. This is a corrupt country, it is thee number (1) in the Euro zone which has been stated by officials in Brussels…Corruption in Greece runs very deep from top officials in the government to public servants to unionists and their supporters or lets say their parasites which makes it difficult to tackle because our “Justice” system is corrupt as well…We need transparency in our system and the only way is to revolt to revoke immunity which is holding back the country from prosperity…Once politicians immunity is revoked, our justice system will be set free…

  4. More LIES by this Gov’t of Liars and Crooks and their Banker cronies who ND & PASOK still owe 250 million Euros in LOANS to that they have never paid back! — Simply OUTRAGEOUS for any “so-called” responsible Gov’t !

    Where did the 250 million Euros given to ND & PASOK go? Is anyone asking ND & PASOK questions? Where is the Prosecutor? Where is Justice?

  5. Venizelos is immune from prosecution thus he cannot be touched but once immunity is lifted from all politicians and revoked “Justice” will take it’s course…

  6. Calling our democratically elected government a “junta” is the sign of a fanatic.

  7. All countries are corrupt. It’s a matter of finding, convicting and jailing the crooks. Samaras is putting more corrupt politicians and officials in jail than anyone else, who good on him.

  8. You should include a constitutional convention to eliminate authorized abuses of government including the absurd 50 seat rule, and a departure from the EZ/EU which has contributed to Greece’s economic downfall.


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