New Greek App Organizes Trips According to Your Budget


An alternative to traditional online vacation booking is the new website All you need to do to find your perfect getaway, is to log-on, enter your budget and the days you wish to travel, and let the captain do the rest. A set of suggested package holiday destinations with accommodation options are displayed. The results will be matched to your budget as this is the main criteria which the website uses to select potential packages.

Bookings are made through two well-known partners, for air tickets and for accommodation.

As reported by, the idea for this innovative website came from three young Greeks; Christos Chatziapostolakis, Dimitris Sxizas and Andreas Karoutzos. Their love of travelling around the world inspired them to create a platform which will allow anyone to travel, no matter what their budget. Dimitris and Christos studied applied mathematics together at the National Technical University of Athens, while Andreas who is a designer, is in charge of creating the website.

According to Christos, “We wanted to go on vacation, but as this is a difficult time for everyone due to the ongoing economic crisis, we began searching the internet for affordable packages. The problem was we had to spend a lot of time searching for destinations that fit with our tight budgets.” In addition, he highlights that the main difference between and other travel platforms, is that the search is geared to your budget and travel dates, rather than the destination, as is usually the case.

According to Christos, the name of the site symbolizes the “captain” who guides his crew safely towards a destination, along with the word “wise,” which signifies careful use of the traveler’s money.




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