Uninsured Patient Dies after Being Refused Admission in Greek Hospital

clinicThe Metropolitan Social Clinic of Elliniko. Greece announced on Friday that a 66-year-old uninsured patient suffering from cancer, who was receiving care at the clinic after having been refused admission at public hospitals, has passed away.

On Thursday, January 2, the Social Clinic of Elliniko, requested the help of the Health Ministry, as ten of its patients without insurance had serious medical conditions that the clinic felt they were unable to cope with. The 66 year-old man was one of these. The clinic has published a statement explaining that the Health Ministry, despite being informed of the situation in early December, had not responded.

The remaining uninsured patients at clinic remain in a critical condition and must be hospitalized immediately.

After the death of the 66-year-old, the clinic called for Greeks to put pressure on the Health Ministry and the General Secretariat of the Government, in order to find an immediate solution to the problem of uninsured and seriously ill patients.

The Health Ministry on Friday finally responded to the clinic’s appeal for help and agreed to transfer the other nine patients to public hospitals for treatment.


  1. The Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors has been undermined by government and unionists. The Left are quick to blame but never accept responsibility. They deserve every bit as much of ridicule and criticism as ND.

  2. Stratoulis from SYRIZA is holidaying in Arahova the playground of the rich and famous and Papadimoulis is counting his 1.3 million Euros why should they care.

  3. Let’s not forget all illegal immigrants get free health care and would’ve been given treatment. Only Greeks get rejected and die trying.

  4. These politicians should be paraded in the main square and hanged in front of the entire world…The bankrupt the country and destroyed it’s economy to get rich quick and to please and satisfy themselves while we the poor are paying for these scum bags mistakes…They have innocent people’s blood in their hands…They should be ousted from office…

  5. They should be all sacked, disqualified and their licence revoked…That what Samara should do for these scum bag Doctors…

  6. Just more High Crimes against the Greek People from this Gov’t of CRIMINALS!
    They should all be tried by court for High Treason against the State.

  7. There’s something most people here seem to miss. Roughly stated, that’s REAL LIFE capitalism, and it’s much different from the “smart” system it is supposed to be IN THEORY.

    It’s so easy and straightforward.
    If you don’t have (enough) money, you deserve nothing. You ARE nothing.
    This is in no way specific to Greece. It’s the IDEOLOGY of our times.
    This is European commission ideology.
    This is the United States, the IMF, the WTO ideology.

    The very first creed of it is that money must go first, and particularly before democracy. All politicians polluted with this ideology have no political side anymore. Wether “leftist” or not, they sell everything.

    The poor, wether he is Greek, French, American, Chinese, doesn’t deserve anything. That’s what the rich believe, particularly when he/she is born with the money already in the pocket.
    Ideology’s second creed: Everything activity must be put under the control of “market,” so the rich can pick “his” penny. Privatize everything.

    But in a market you can’t have anything without (enough) money.
    Democracy: 1 (wo)man, one vote.
    “Free” market ideology: $1, one vote.

    BUT BUT BUT… I do not mean that market or money by themselves are “bad”.
    I mean that money must not be the only way to evaluate every thing.
    Money is usefull. Market is usefull. It’s only that relying ONLY on money/market for EVERYTHING is stupid.


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