Greek Police Sift Clues in German Ambassador Attack

    dendiasWhile cautioning the case is far from being solved, Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said police are reviewing evidence in the Dec. 30, 2013 gunfire assault on the home of German Ambassador in Greece Wolfgang Dold – who said he believed it was designed to upset relations between the two countries as Germany presses for austerity in return for backing international bailouts.

    Germany is the biggest contributor to $325 billion in two bailouts that will run out this year, nearly four years after they began, but Chancellor Angela Merkel has demanded big pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions, infuriating Greeks who see her as one of the architects of their misery.

    The rescue packages were put together by the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) and have drawn widespread social unrest for the attached conditions.

    Dendias said special police units (ELAS) were poring over evidence gathered at the scene of the ambassador’s house in the neighborhood of Halandri and said they believe it bears the handiwork of Nikos Maziotis, a convicted terrorist leader who has been on the run since the summer of 2012.

    “I can assure you that ELAS is not feeling its way in the dark… But that of course is far from saying that we have been able to build a case file,” Dendias said in an interview with Kathimerini, adding that the authorities were also examining findings from the deadly shootings at Golden Dawn’s offices in Neo Iraklio in November.

    Dendias denied that Dold’s house was not adequately protected, adding however that ELAS manpower falls short of meeting growing needs. “Because of the particular conditions facing the country over the past six years, the number of potential targets is in the hundreds or even thousands,” he said.

    In the same interview, the conservative minister also criticized a judicial decision to release Maziotis and his wife, Panayiota Roupa, both alleged members of Revolutionary Struggle terror group, from jail after spending the maximum 18 months in pretrial detention, calling it a “colossal mistake.”

    In a separate interview with Kathimerini, the German envoy said, “Attacks of this kind will not be able to upset Greek-German relations,” adding that it should not affect the nation’s image as a safe destination.

    “It seems that some people out there would like to throw the country off track and they deem that the signs of economic recovery do not serve their aim,” he said, adding that Berlin would continue to support Greece’s recovery efforts.


    1. you can say the way germany treats greece is as hard and disastrous as during war time except that people do not dye from bullets but from misery,poverty,exclusion which is worse because it,s ongoing since years.
      A famous belgian economist just said in an interview that greece would have been better of by leaving the euro,recycle its debt instead of killing this country for maybe 20 years!!So this european dream is just not a dream but a warmachine that will kill many more to give germany full power with the help of brussels burocrats.We don’t need complicated explanations .its like that. hitlers dream was the same but he failed.EU in this way is already failing but will never admit the disaster that exists to-day.The vision of EU is power,not people,Hitler had the same vision. THe past is back

    2. Let me guess but somehow or way according to the author’s mindset, Golden Dawn will be held responsible.

    3. The Germans. IMF, Troika and EU Commission are finished in Greece and should be thrown out like the South Americans and Icelanders did many years and came out of their financial crisis like true heros to save their countries from these horrible parasites– GET RID of them all NOW, including this Corrupt Gov’t of Thieves !

    4. Actually Germans have given billions to Greece. All their government expects for bailout is cutbacks so they don’t have to perpetually fund us. The anti-german fanatics are usually the same sorts that are anti-Greek government as well.

      What’s funny is mountains of these former Pasok and ND supporters all claim to be against corruption but their rhetoric and constant whining for government handouts (as if our government is supposed to fix and run our economy) is exactly one of the problems facing Greece. Shameless parasites

    5. What’s funny is that you think we are stupid.
      Germany made millions from Greece by bribing the corrupt traitors you support to sign contracts with German companies.
      Yes I admit I was a former ND supporter before I found out they were just as corrupt as Pasok.
      The good about this crisis is that all the rats have been exposed and people( except for you and the communists) are waking up to the filth that has ruling Greece for the last 30years.

    6. “Germany made millions”. Sure, but Greece has cost Germany billions, That is a thousand times more. Interesting with all these Greek ministers moaning about them somehow been forced by foreign companys to take bribes. Couldn´t the Ministers said “Slash the price of your product instead of trying to bribe me”. ??

    7. I’m not blaming Germany I’m blaming the corrupt Greek system fueled by German bribe money. Its like your saying the junkie is a bad but the drug dealer making the big bucks selling the heroine is okay.