Liapis Cottage in Greece Built With Community Funds

Liapis_HouseThe arrest of the Greek former minister Michalis Liapis that took place after he was caught driving a luxurious car with fake plates was just the first of many scandals in which Liapis is involved.

According to an article published on Saturday by “Ethnos,” the cottage of the former minister (a luxury home in Evritania), was renovated with community funds. Initially the house was scheduled to operate as a hostel. However Giorgos Kirtsos, a famous Greek journalist revealed that the house is exclusively used by the Liapis family.

The article states that the funding was approved by the company EVRITANIA S.A and the authorization was allegedly signed by the then Prefect and current member of New Democracy, Konstantinos Kontogeorgos. Kontogeorgos has already been prosecuted for disloyalty as there are complaints that he illegally provided a guarantee to the company EVRITANIA S.A in order to take a loan of 4.7 million euros from the Loans and Deposits Fund.

The Greek TV station “Alpha” presented a document in which Michalis Liapis’ aunt submitted a request from EOT (Tourism Organisation in Greece) in June, 21, 1995, to start operations for the renovation of the house.

According to the former minister’s income declaration, the house is owned 50% by Michalis Liapis and as revealed by the TV station “Alpha,” in 2002 his family had requested the closure of the company that rented rooms, built with EU funds.


  1. Guest where are you guest? What do you have to say now guest?
    Will the traitor Samaras risk his Junta and put Karamanlis’s cousin in jail?

  2. Liapis received a three year suspended jail sentence for using false car plates and if he is convicted of fraud on his mansion he will go to jail, even if he is Karamanlis’s cousin. Samaras is determined to put crooks in jail, even if they hail from his own party. Good for him.

  3. “Faganai me ti psixitous ta lamogia.” – They ate with all their heart/soul the thieves and crooks.
    If G. Papadopoulos was around (junta 67-74) Liapis would have been executed hanged in front of Parliament Square. Going to jail is too good for these guys. What they need is what Iran-China and Korea does- CAPITAL PUNISHMENT FOR TREASON AND BETRAYAL!

    Something the PASOK and ND supporters do not understand!

  4. This property including Liapi’s assets must be confiscated in favour of the Ministry of Tourism and used as a Motel + paying back the loan he took from government funds and stand trial for his crooked actions…

  5. They are all crooks…They care about their life career and the FKNG hot seat and not else…They are traitors and I wonder why they are still in power??? They should be paraded in the main square and hanged…

  6. Our past & present Greek politicians knew about all these scandals but they turned the blind eyes to facilitate corruption within the government corridors to secure votes…

  7. They are still in power because greeks are voting for the same idiots again and again, so who is responsable

  8. Samaras is determined to put the crooks that are “caught” in jail. It has taken him over a year to address the issue while Venizelos has been unusually quiet. Expect to hear more reforms before the elections, afterwards it will be back to the business of corruption.

  9. Nice investigative reporting. So it has been proven if there is the Will to dig deeper into corruption there is a Way.

  10. Sadly I fear you are right. At least while Greece is under the troika, corruption has to be fought because Greece is receiving billions of euros in help from the tax payers of the other eurozone countries.

    But if Greece leaves the eurozone and prints its own drachmas, then who will stop the corrupt from using state funds to fill their own pockets?

    My final query is this: if Syriza wins the next election, will they be more corrupt or less corrupt than Pasok and New Democracy?

    I still harbour hopes that Samaras, if he is re-elected, will try and put as many corrupt Greek crooks in jail as he can.

    But given that almost everyone in Greece has been on the take, perhaps there should be a general amnesty as long as you return the money?

  11. With the Drachma Greece returns to self-determination and must live within it’s means. Before and after the defacto-default, it continued borrowing and increasing debt while the subject of reforms are used primarily as media “talking points”. We can anticipate there will be a period of market turmoil while Greece and likely other countries depart the EZ. But Greece will return to being competitive on exports and tourism.
    Your second question about SYRIZA’s effect on Greece. Simply put it will be short and tumultuous. Greeks especially the youth need to realize there is no Genie in a bottle voting for the Left. But it is lesson they and us must suffer through in order all learn that politics is not a beauty contest or words it must be action. We cannot keep recycling politicians as we have with family dynasties and latent nepotism/cronyism. I would like to see ND go the way of PASOK and DIMAR as we cleanse ourselves of the past and start afresh. Until the animosity is mitigated between the people and their government, very little will be accomplished. Amnesty for tax cheaters has been suggested but has not progressed as people are fearful of the economy further collapsing into chaos.

  12. It hasn’t happened that way yet, my naive friend. Stay tuned and see what happens. Blood is thicker than water. You and everyone else in this country will be appalled by the immunity given him.

  13. You have a naive view of Samaras. He’s just as corrupt as the rest of them. A spoiled brat who threw his toys out of the pram when things didn’t go his way eg when he formed his own party, Πολιτική Ανοιξη. He is also the architect of Greece’s current unstable parliament. His own experts told him if he forced elections he wouldn’t get an overall majority. This is exactly what happened. Now he’s done to a majority of three with PASOK imploding.

  14. Capital punishment in China applies to government corruption. Although it still exists It remains largely under media censorship protecting powerful individuals like Bo Xilai and Zhou Yougkang.

  15. The former Minister is the gift that keeps on giving. There is no telling the extent of his abuses until it is exposed or reporters are silenced by coercion-threat from ND.

  16. “If there is a will there’s a way”…Unfortunately, there is no will to uncover all corrupt politicians who with their parasites looted the country’s wealth because the 99% of our politicians are corrupt…”Justice” is the only way to fight corruption, again our justice system is not capable to punish those who stole our money, our future and our dreams…Strong action is needed in order to stop this corruptionocracy that bankrupt the country and put all corrupts either behind bars or hang them in the main square…We have the right to live, we have the right to be happy, we have the right to have a bright future, a future denied by our corrupt politicians…This year should be the start of “Enough is enough” or “Φτανει πια”…Corruption within our government must end and now…

  17. I am still not convinced that leaving the eurozone will be best for Greece in the long run but let’s wait and see.

    I do however agree that it would be best for Greece if a renewed, revamped and fresh New Democracy party (i.e. centre-right) won the next general election with a mandate for economic growth, reform, anti-corruption and anti-extreme left and extreme right.