Mykonos: Mayoral Candidate Tempts Voters with… Meat

myconos_390_2108It is not unusual for a mayoral candidate to issue and distribute coupons in order to gain popularity and votes. Over the past years it was a rather common policy.

This tactic is currently followed by the mayoral candidate in Mykonos, the famous and cosmopolitan island in Cyclades. According to, Asteris Makris, economist and head of the movement “New Mykonos-Change Now” has proceeded with a rather original move for the annals of the local authorities. He distributed gift coupons worth 20 euros to residents of the island, which can be redeemed to buy meat from the butcher shop in Mykonos.

The holders of these coupons now have an incentive to vote for Makris and the opportunity to enjoy fresh meat from the butcher.


  1. Pathetic… and the Political Bribes contune on and on in new forms!
    Where is Justice in Greece? It doesn’t exhist, just like honest Gov’t doesn’t…

  2. This explains why the island’s dogs and cats have been behaving so frightened lately.