Casinos’ Turnover Down by 60% in Five Years

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras is betting that more austerity will save GreeceTotal turnover in Greece’s casinos has shrunk by about 60% in the last five years, inflicting a blow on state revenues.
In 2013 casinos had a turnover of some 300 million euros, posting a decline for the fifth year in succession. The best year for casinos was 2008, when turnover had reached 744.5 million euros.
In 2011 it had amounted to 419.7 million euros and in 2012 it was at 330 million.
Besides the ownership and tax revenues the state has seen go down, there is also a loss for local authorities as they are also entitled to a direct share of casinos’ turnover. casinos’ turnover down by 60% in five years.
(source: ANSA)


  1. We don’t have money any more while the rich, the corrupt and the criminals have taken our stolen money out of the country…

  2. This doesn’t make sense. Last week the Las Vegas Sands Casino was reported negotiating with the government to invest millions to open a casino-resort in Athens. With casino turnover down 60% and the prospects for recovery a distant goal, somebody isn’t thinking clearly or money is changing hands outside of the casino’s gaming floor..