Der Spiegel Lashes Out Against Greece


The popular German magazine Der Spiegel, lashes out against Greece, specifically targeting the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. The magazine refers to the Greek Prime Minister as a “liar” and “out of touch with reality.”

Next to the photograph of Samaras are the words, “The imaginary cured.” The article is a full frontal attack on Greece and characterizes the country as the beggar of Brussels.

Der Spiegel claims that Greece’s fiscal consolidation has been stalled, and that German official Hans-Joachim Fouchtel has been moved to the position of Director General of International Development Cooperation-Hellenic Aid, due to the incompetence of Greek officials in handling the preparations for the country’s European presidency.

The author of the article ponders, “how a member state of the EU and a Eurozone country could be so similar to countries such as Afghanistan or Pakistan and therefore that Greece is not a member state but a failed state.”

The article goes on to suggest that many Brussels officials are convinced that Greece will need further financial support during the next two years. The total estimated amount will be approximately 8-10 billion euros. “Despite these predictions,” continues the article, “Antonis Samaras promises a Greek presidency of hope.”

Last but not least, Der Spiegel doubts whether Greece will ever be able to recover from the problems that it faces, due to poor administration, ineffective justice and incompetent politicians.



  1. Whomever wrote this slanderous article is a LIAR. No where in the Der Spiegal say Samaras is a “liar” or “out of touch with reality”. In fact it actually says

    “Greece has undeniably made progress when it comes to reducing its budget deficit, improving its economy and ramping up exports”

    “Indeed, Athens has been praised even by one of Europe’s senior-most crisis managers. “Greece is surely more than halfway there,” says Klaus Regling, 63, head of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the EU’s crisis backstop. “I am confident that further successes will materialize if they continue down this path.”

    It also says…

    “instead, Samaras’s government is being radically attacked by left- and right-wing extremists.”

    Listening to the rantings of extremists on this website (as well as the leftist extremists that write articles for Greek Reporter) is a perfect example of this.

  2. I used to think there was only right wing extremists but I have learned the hard way there is such a thing as left wing extremism. Greek Reporters staff is filled with these leftist fanatics (not as bad as communists Syriza but still slanderous extremists). They lie through their teeth through the use of hyperbole and paraphrasing. No integrity or objectivity when reporting. Pure leftist propaganda.

  3. Yes the malakovskis cab be anything by a slight change to their names.
    Dimitrovski = Slav Mak
    Dimotrov = Bulgar
    Dimitropoulos = when they are holidaying in Greece hahaha
    Dimitrovic= Serb
    Dimitro-hitler = when in Germany hahahaha!!!

  4. If you could leave ad hominem remarks aside fo a moment? Which Greek internet blogs or online journal would you recomend for investigative journalism whether in Greek or English, inside or in exile?

  5. When things got to seem ugly because of a mild recession, Denmark & the UK panicked in late 1972, and on January of 1973 they disastrously decided to abandon the EFTA, and to join forces with France, Italy and ..West Germany, instead! The “European Vision” scheme was so carefully planned, that hideous Thatcher was in fact only removed from 10 Downing St, when she dared to challenge the Europhile wing of her own Tory Party (the rightist & righteous royalist party).

    On the other hand, the UK soon learned its lesson early by their trial by fire participation in the EMU exchange mechanism, where the Germans forced them into a devaluation. After that, the Bank of England was sanitized, so when PM Blair tried to convince them to join the €uro, the Bank of England issued a foresighted risk analysis and blackballed the project.

    Contrast that to the sloppy incompetence of Loukas Papademos at the Bank of Greece, who chased Euro entry like a prostitute and even by the use of derivatives to mask the already unsustainable Greek public debt load. Yet the EU crowd promoted Papademos to an ECB seat, showing their collusion to get Greece into the system when this did not even comply with their own criteria..! Malpractice for which millions of Greeks are now facing the Piper, a freakin’ Memorandum of Understanding for constant Austerity, GDP correction, and non-reversible dismemberment and looting of the State..

    By insisting on the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom, PM Margaret Thatcher did not act unconventionally, as most of the British governments have protected UK’s Sovereignty over the constant mess of the continental nations.

    Only PM Heath acted differently in 1973, when Denmark and the UK seceded from the wisely-layed European Free Trade Association (EFTA, then made up by UK, Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and with Finland through a special agreement), only to join the disastrously ulterior-schemed European Economic Community (EEC, the continuance of the ECSC, then made up by: France, Italy, West Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, and the Netherlands)! So it was then, that Brits and the Danes stepped into a glamorous trap, into the welcoming arms of a fair lady, which only recently reveals herself as the dreadful €uro-Medea, that she really is.

    From the addition of UK & Denmark and afterwards, the EFTA got to be considered inadequate, compared to the seeming grandeur of the EEC. The EEC got a rather peculiar promotion, as the exclusive institutional vehicle for a “united Europe, for Stability and Growth”, for better (and for worse, as it turned out!). Thus, the scheme had been carefully layed, “beware of Greeks bearing gifts” said the poet, yet the Greeks also got beguiled, being tricked into joining the more “prestigious” EEC in 1981 [1979], with the Spaniards and Portuguese following shortly afterwards, stepping into the same freakin’ trap, in 1986. Subjugation through Debt accumulation, has been an obvious hidden agenda, ever since..