Bus Hits Truck: 2 Women Dead

Greek Bus Hits TruckTwo women have died and at least 12 people were seriously injured on Tuesday, in the area of Malgara outside Thessaloniki, Greece, when a bus crashed into a truck.

According to Christos Lioupas, the President of Thessaloniki Intercity Buses, the bus was travelling from Agrinio to Thessaloniki when it hit the truck, the circumstances of which are still unclear.

Traffic Police report that the bus driver who has broken legs, is in hospital in a critical condition. Of the 30 passengers, at least 12 were seriously injured. According to the Greek police authorities, it would appear as though the truck was parked in the emergency lane but without its hazard warning lights on. The driver of the truck has been arrested.

Fifteen ambulances rushed to the scene, taking the injured to hospitals in Thessaloniki while police diverted traffic.


  1. Emergency lanes are used in events of emergency or breakdown not used to drive through…Emergency lanes are well marked with a white line…Why the bus hit the truck when the truck was parked on the 1st place???

  2. The Greeks have full understanding of the traffic laws; what they don’t have is the respect for these laws. They speed at astronomical speed endangering themselves and others. They drive erratically all the time causing havoc on the roads. They are simply impatient and disobey most of the traffic laws. Ironically, the police is nowhere on the national roads which adds insult to injury.

  3. Have you driven a car in Greece ??? Do you know that anyone can buy a licence for 300Euro with some tricky ways??? In my area they stop in Green and go on Red…

  4. Pointless and avoidable deaths and injuries. Those poor people. Another terrible tragedy on the roads.

  5. I was flunked the first time I did the road test not because I made mistakes but because I refused to pay the 300 Euros. Next time I did the road test, I threatened going to the media and they let me pass. Ironically, my driving teacher told me that the one that did the test with me made several mistakes and was passed because she paid the 300 Euros. Ironically, the government of Samaras did nothing to stop this practice because it thinks that these are small matters that need no monitoring. Unfortunately, I agree with you. But, when I went to Germany to buy my Mercedes car, I also found many people disobeying the traffic lights: pedestrians and motorists. Could this be endemic?

  6. I may agree with you concerning Germany but here in Greece is an epidemic to drive without due care and attention…Drivers here in Greece do not have respect for other drivers and pedestrians, they don’t even know the Highway code let alone the signs…

  7. When I was preparing for the driving license there was a big section in the books about defensive driving which means you should consider everyone a breaker of the traffic laws and hence be careful when driving. Defensive driving is used everywhere but not everyday; for instance, during new year’s eve the government in the UK and the USA issued a warning to motorists to drive defensively as there would be many drunk drivers on the roads. However, this happens once or twice a years not everyday as the case is in Greece. In a nut shell, Greece is a dangerous place for driving. I happen to have excessive experience in driving and could spot a lunatic driver from far away. Over twenty years of driving, I only had one accident and the fault was that of the other and the area where lighting was almost nonexistent. i wish something does take place to straighten out the Greek drivers, but from the looks of it I had to wait long, let alone this ever happening as I am alive.


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