Bus Hits Truck: 2 Women Dead

Greek Bus Hits TruckTwo women have died and at least 12 people were seriously injured on Tuesday, in the area of Malgara outside Thessaloniki, Greece, when a bus crashed into a truck.

According to Christos Lioupas, the President of Thessaloniki Intercity Buses, the bus was travelling from Agrinio to Thessaloniki when it hit the truck, the circumstances of which are still unclear.

Traffic Police report that the bus driver who has broken legs, is in hospital in a critical condition. Of the 30 passengers, at least 12 were seriously injured. According to the Greek police authorities, it would appear as though the truck was parked in the emergency lane but without its hazard warning lights on. The driver of the truck has been arrested.

Fifteen ambulances rushed to the scene, taking the injured to hospitals in Thessaloniki while police diverted traffic.