Holocaust Survivors Receive Graduation Certificates

Antonio CrescenziAccording to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA), 157 graduation certificates were found in a school in Greece. The students who were to receive them had either fled the country during the Holocaust or been sent to Nazi concentration camps. The teacher who made the discovery decided to find the survivors or their remaining family members, and to give them the certificates even after all these years.

The documents were discovered by Antonio Crescenzi, a teacher at the Italian School in Thessaloniki, Greece, some ten years ago. After realizing what the documents were, he notified the Israeli newspaper Maariv.

Thesslaoniki used to be the home of a large Jewish community during the pre-war era. However most were forced to leave or were sent to Nazis concentration camps. Out of the 55,000 Jewish residents only 2,000 survived.

The documents discovered relate to students born between 1912 and 1928 who attended the Italian School of Thessaloniki. Crescenzi has managed to contact some of the students or their surviving family members. The graduation certificates will be awarded during a special ceremony scheduled for 2014.



  1. Greek Reporter writes story after story about atrocities committed on others or racism by some Greeks then says nearly nothing about the massive racism being directed at Greeks these days.

    1. Our financial mess is our own fault but we are excessively dehumanized over it in mainstream press (compare our mistakes to the Germans circa 1945 — who had the biggest debt write off in modern history directly after they just finishing trying to murder us all)

    2. We are constantly demonized for opposing mass illegal immigration when EVERY country in the world, without exception, opposes it.

    3. Nearly everyone that calls FYROM nationalists “macedonians” tries to downplay their identity change into ancient Macedonians (obviously geared to irredentism). This would include patronizing bigots at human rights groups like Amnesty and HRW.. and mainstream press like NY Times and Guardian… who appear far far more interested in hiding their mistakes then the human rights of Greeks.

    Masses of Greek haters appear to be trying to subtlely ethnically delete Greeks and Greek Reporters leftist “reporters” seeming prefer to stick their head in the ground.

  2. So tired of the Shoah Inc. , the business of exploiting it for propaganda purpose, on all screens in the whole world, for more than 60 years…

  3. The 6 million lie has been used, by the jews, as far back as 1919, a FULL 20 YEARS BEFORE the outbreak of WW2:

    “From across the sea, six million men and women call to us for help, six million human beings. Six million men and women are dying in the threatened holocaust of human life, six million famished men and women. Six million men and women are dying”
    — The American Hebrew, Oct. 31, 1919, pp. 582f.

  4. I managed to survive the Holocaust to; I was born in the early 80s — therefore I survived.