November 17 Member Escapes Custody

christodoulos xeros

Christodoulos Xeros, convicted member of the terrorist organization November 17, has absconded after been granted leave to visit his family. His brother, Savvas Xeros, who was also a member of the organization is in hospital in Larissa, Greece.

The Hellenic Police and Anti-Terrorist Unit raised the alarm when Christodoulos, who had received 9 days leave to visit his family, failed to appear yesterday at Kallikrateia police station as scheduled.

He had been on leave since January 1 and was supposed to report daily at the Kallikrateia police station in Chalkidiki, where his sister resides. He reported as required until Monday, the day of the Epiphany, when he failed to appear at the police station. The police have been mobilized to arrest him on charges of violating his detainee license.

Speaking to the Greek radio station SKAI, his lawyer Frangiskos Ragkousis said that this is a “political decision, consistent with Xeros’ revolutionary profile and love for freedom.” He added, “He is true to his beliefs,” and furthermore that, “today we live, today we fight.” Despite this he clarified that he has not been in contact with his client.

Government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou who spoke at the same radio station soon after, said that he was appalled by the  statement and stressed the importance of not treating convicted terrorists as ordinary prisoners. He expressed his confidence that the police will soon have Xeros back in custody.

According to Greek news, Xeros had recently taken seven short leave’s of absence from prison. During the last he breached the terms of his licence. A warrant for his arrest has been issued by the police who are currently looking for him in Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki. His leave of absence expires tomorrow, when he should have returned to Korydallos prison.

Special security measures have also been put in place at the hospital in Larissa where his brother Savvas, also a convicted member of November 17, is being treated.


  1. Member of the most wanted terror group N17 in Greece of the last few decades, a bunch of bank robbing assassins, a violent criminal serving 6 life sentences, recently granted a 9day furlough from prison. This isn’t his first furlough, he was granted 7 others before, you can’t make this backwards nonsense up.

  2. Amnesty International would complain if he was incarcerated “unfairly”. After all he is a human being with feelings and a family. Too bad he didn’t think about the before he robbed and killed. We have so many judges with a catch and release mindset, I often wonder why hasn’t the incarcerate GD MPs been treated as “fairly”.

  3. I really don’t understand how a convicted terrorist assassin, who belongs to a violent criminal terror group that has killed several individuals is possibly left unsupervised to roam amongst the public. It really does not make any sense at all, this guy should be locked in solitary confinement. This assassin has spread terror targeting rich individuals and politicians, both domestic and foreign. I’m at a loss for words how he was allowed to roam free!

  4. There is no rational explanation only feelings among judges and politicians to allow such nonsense. Xeros may have an explanation for his absence and may indeed appear, but I doubt it. This catch and release mindset within the European socialist movement has lowered the quality of civilization to the extent “they feel” instead of think. These highly dangerous radicals and their socialist political enablers are two wings of the same bird. It is about time Greeks take out our political shotguns and declare it open season on these birds.

  5. Are you f…ing kidding me????? A furlough?? for a convicted terrorist?? serving six life terms?? Is it a wonder we are the laughing stock of the planet?? Unbelievable stuff…

  6. escape

    Use Escape in a sentence

    es·cape [ih-skeyp] Show IPA verb (used without object), es·caped, es·cap·ing. 1. to slip or get away, as from confinement or restraint; gain or regain liberty: to escape from jail.

    He didn’t escape..He never returned from his Christmas Holiday…

  7. I agree with you, I don’t and can’t understand how he was allowed to leave jail on the 1st place…Where else do they allow prisoners to leave jail for 9 days visit??? I wish to know…

  8. “Human rights” groups are political organizations that just frame their politics as human rights.

    In the case of Amnesty International, the are essentially leftists but some “human rights” NGOs are even straight fronts for ultra nationalists (eg. MHRMI). whereas as other “NGO” are even quietly funded by government sources.

    (e.g. the US state department quietly funds a bunch of “NGOS”)

    Anyone that takes the opinions of “human rights’ groups uncritically is essentially a moron. “Human rights” groups are full of bigots and extremists with agendas. “Human rights” is one of the biggest mainstream charity scams in existence.

  9. Typically human rights advocates are extreme Leftists that are often borderline insane. They love to talk the talk but seldom do much other than to grab headlines and ask for donations. Once in awhile one gets into trouble after walking over into North Korea or appears after a fatal shop fire in Bangladesh to protest before media cameras. But they have proven to be nothing but manipulative abusive merchandisers of “feelings”.

  10. Whilst 3 illegally imprisoned Golden Dawn MP’s greeted the New Year from the inside of a cold cell, the Police gave this Leftist “revolutionary” a Get Out Of Jail Free card. Why? Seeing that the November 1st murders of two young Golden Dawn members didn’t do much to curb the dedication of Golden Dawn members to the movement, combined with the fact that the elections of May 2014 will see many municipalities come under GD’s control, the Venizelos-Samaras Junta appears to have decided that much more brutal measures are needed to fight Golden Dawn.

    The Leftist terrorist they released is certain to have access to advanced weapons and explosives and his role in their scheme will probably be to execute some of Golden Dawns leading figures.

    For the record, the Leftist terrorist declaration claiming responsibility for the November 1st murders of the two young Golden Dawn members was released on the morning of November 17