Thessaloniki: Three People Dead in Apartment Fire


Three people died on Tuesday, in a fire that broke out in an apartment in the suburb of Kordelio in the northern Greek city Thessaloniki. An elderly couple lived in the small 50 sqm apartment along with their three grandchildren. According to initial reports by the Greek fire department the fire was caused by the 70-year-old grandfather who set himself on fire with a can of petrol.

The fire spread rapidly to the rest of the apartment killing the 65-year-old grandmother and the 18-month-old grandchild. The two other grandchildren, aged 8 and 25-years-old, managed to escape from the blaze and are being treated for injuries at Papageorgiou Hospital. The life of the 25-year-old is in critical condition due to severe burns he suffered all over his body, while the younger boy got away with minor injuries, stated the chief of the hospital Mr. Georgios Christopoulos. A neighbor who rushed to help, managed to escape only with only minor burns to his hands.

The Greek fire department responded on scene with twenty firefighters and 7 vehicles in order to prevent the fire from spreading to surrounding buildings and to bring residents to safety.

The grandfather who committed suicide was suffering from serious psychological problems and had been hospitalized in the past.