Greek Doctor Strike Continues

The doctors of the Greek National Health Services Agency (EOPYY) will continue to strike until January 17, as announced today by the Executive Secretariat of the Panhellenic Federation of Scientific Healthcare Personnel (POSEYP) – EOPYY.

Emergency and urgent cases will be dealt with by backup staff. However, on Friday a bill will be presented to the Greek House of Parliament, which regulates the procedures for conversion of EOPYY from a buyer and provider of healthcare services, to a buyer only.

The bill also sets out the terms, conditions and procedures of suspension, mobility and transfer of employees from EOPYY to different health districts.



  1. Fack them Doctors…They want to be above everyone else…This country is ssshhhiiittt…

  2. LOL. Greedy f#cken doctors!!.. Isn’t the ‘fakelakia’ enough for you??
    Greek doctors are not even up to date with the medical world, they still practice like they were in the 60s…. Also these doctors are the biggest tax dodgers in Greece, start paying your taxes you idiots..

  3. Greek Doctors in EOPYY are faking bastards, they don’t do any work at all other then issue prescriptions for patients without even checking our health and on top of that we have to pay them 60.00Euro for a visit in their private clinics…Asian Doctors are far better then our faking Doctors…


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