Tsipras Won’t Attend Greek EU Presidency Ceremony

Tsipras_EUAlexis Tsipras, the leader of Greece’s main opposition leftist party SYRIZA, won’t be attending the official ceremony for the six month Greek EU presidency, in Athens Concert Hall.

SYRIZA, with an official statement, announced that Tsipras’ absence from the ceremony symbolizes the party’s disagreement with the coalition government’s priorities during the Greek presidency.

Greece’s government had reported that the main goals during the EU presidency are the promotion of economic development and the creation of new job positions, transparency in financial transactions and fighting against tax evasion, the tackling of illegal immigration and striking. At the same time, focus will also be placed on the right balance with the protection of human rights and the adoption of a maritime policy with emphasis put on security and growth.

Due to the ceremony, safety measures are expected to be high throughout Wednesday with heavy police presence and traffic restrictions across Athens center. The police has imposed an 18-hour ban on protests in the city center, starting at 6 a.m. on Wednesday.


  1. The BIG question is will Golden Dawn party leader Michaloliakos be released in time to attend Samaras’ coronation?

  2. Now this Gov’t of Crooks haven’t had enough blaming everything on Golden Dawn, they are trying to blame SYRIZA too now for PASOK & ND’s destruction of Greece!
    Have these PASOK & ND SCUM “no shame” left at all? – What a DISGRACE!!

  3. There is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel!!!
    That light is the Greek municipal and EU parliamentary elections both scheduled for May 2014.

    New Democracy is certain to come 3rd in both these elections whilst the share of the vote that PASOK will recieve will be so tiny that not a single Pasok mayor will be elected and not a single Pasok MP will be heading to the EU parliament in Brussels.

  4. Be prepared ND and PASOK will throw everything they have including Brussels and Berlin to swing the election in their favour. GD and others should be protesting Samaras’ acceptance of the EU Presidency during these critical times as negligence.

  5. There is a reason why Chimpras wont attend, he doesn’t want to look like the irrelevant and ignored m*l*ka that he is on the big stage. Nobody outside Greece other then his far left assortment of commies, Marxist and eco’whacko take him seriously.

    it’s sad that Greece has one serious party and two extreme whacko ones on either end to represent Greek people. Greece needs a new centrist part as soon as possible.

  6. No he is a criminal and has created a monster party.Keep him locked up he is a wild and dangerous animal and as such he should be caged for ever.He is an extremely dangerous individual to decency and democracy. Greece lost one third of her population to thuggish Nazis is enough.

  7. He is a criminal……to be judged by…..other criminals.

    How come the jails are not filled with all the politicians who took fakelakia?

  8. Tsipras suppose to be the main opposition.But he is lacking respect to his country, to his people and he is separatist and divisive and the Greek people will judge him accordingly..

  9. How many died by the hands on November 17? Almost daily the GR report on terrorism threats rising in Greece. Does anyone feel safe allowing radical Leftists and Anarchists a free pass to simply walk out of prison as free men?

  10. We have a system of catch and release provided the individual has connections (Liapis) or is from a radical element (Xeros).
    Why are the jails not filled with politicians? You will have to take that up with the Ministry of Justice. My guess is there would be no one left to govern except the people.

  11. It would be preferable the new Centrist party replaces ND as they have worn out their purpose and undermined their credibility. To continue to support them is to endorse their policies of corruption and nepotism. It’s time to flush before the smell gets too strong that people can’t stand it..

  12. Well said.

    He is the product of 40 years of political dysfunction in Greece.

  13. GD is a Nazi criminal party.In the last war my family lost four members,and Greece one third of her population.They died to free Europe of these beasts.The followers of this scum party they can immigrate to Germany the birth of it’s philosophy.Nothing but true democracy will suffice for the country of the birth of democracy Extreme and violent parties have no place in a decent Greek society.

  14. They and the other parties and interests have every right to voice their opposition. Even if your family came from Russia or Cambodia under communist rule where millions died and were Communists they still have that right.

  15. I fully agree.This is democracy and under this free system any party of peace and decency can contribute.But under GD or other extreme parties freedom of choice is curtailed and intimidation and murder is liberally promoted.And for your information I don’t come from Russia or Cambodia but From Greece and I love my country but you are an enemy of the state and I suggest to you Hitler’s Germany is the country for all Nazis and bigots.I respect all countries in the the world including Russia and Cambodia..

  16. You are being a overly totalitarian and guilty of exactly what you are criticizing. Is it acceptable for one view but not others? My interest is to preserve what is left of Greece after decades of abuse by parties that are guilty of exactly the same transgressions you apply stated. No one is innocent all are guilty that includes the Communist Greeks. Since you respect all countries in the world, I find it ironic you therefore include North Korea, or do they not make your personal A-list?

  17. You are papatrehas. Read my article.I respect all nations in the world.I respect people who have democratic opinions right left or middle as long as they do not promote violence and murder. The anarchists the Nazis and the thugs should be locked away for ever.I also despise the separatists that divide our country.


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