What Greeks Wished for Most in 2014

    WhishlistBy Pamela Lytra
    Holidays are over and Greeks welcomed 2014 with their primary wish being Health. Employment ranked in fourth place, after Love and Happiness!

    Greeks, according to Engagor — one of the Top 5 listening tools worldwide — started sending online wishes from the beginning of December, creating a positive atmosphere to welcome the new year.

    Online wish exchanges peaked during Christmas and New Year, with Health being in first place, followed by Love, Happiness, Employment, Success, Hope and Creativity unfortunately in the last place.

    Until midnight on Sunday, December 29, more than 93,600 public greeting messages had been counted in all online platforms, when approximately 58,000 of them were published in social media! Meanwhile, 26,300 wishes were published in blogs.

    (Edited by Evgenia Adamantopoulou)



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