Three Arrested, Twenty-Five Charged in Greek Bank Fraud

Greek Bank Fraud_PBNew facts have come to light in the alleged fraud case involving Hellenic Postbank and loans granted to businessmen between 2006-2011.

Since yesterday evening, Greek businessman Dimitris Kontominas was being treated for a respiratory infection at a private hospital under armed guard, as a warrant for his arrest has been issued. Kontominas who is the owner of the Greek television station ALPHA, was visited on Thursday at noon in hospital by the Greek prosecutor Georgios Andreadis, who is handling the Hellenic Postbank case. Kontominas’ lawyer, Grigoris Tsolias was present when Andreadis read the indictment.

The businessman is due to appear in court on Tuesday at 10am, while on Monday the former deputy general manager of the Hellenic Postbank, Marios Varotsis faces charges.

In a statement, Kontominas denies any wrongdoing. “Unlike the outrageous non-performing loans of other known businessmen, the loans of the DEMCO group at the Hellenic Postbank are guaranteed by my personal estate. None of the accusations against me are true. Our enemies are strong, but the truth is stronger, and in the end it will prevail,” he said confidently.

Of the seven arrest warrants, one has been issued to the former governor of the Hellenic Postbank, Angel Filippidi. Earlier today, Filippadi’s counsel visited the prosecutor and informed the judge that his client is currently in the U.S. but will be returning to Greece within ten days to respond to the charges.

There have been three arrests including Dimitris Kontominas, Marios Varotsis and Charalambos Giagoudis.

Additionally, charges are being brought against 25 individuals, including businessmen, executives and employees of the Hellenic Postbank, for offenses including fraud against the state.


  1. Right from the Mubarak playbook, feigning illness while calling influence peddlers to return past favours. I don’t recall any one from GD having done that before they were incarcerated.

  2. How shocking! Greek Bank fraud? The USA is becoming a safe haven for these Greek criminals- LAMOGIA -crooks and thieves escaping from prosecution and arrest.