SYRIZA MP Resigns from Party

Former SYRIZA MP, Petros Tatsopoulos
Former SYRIZA MP, Petros Tatsopoulos

In a posting on Facebook, Petros Tatsopoulos, a member of Greece’s main opposition SYRIZA, said that he submitted his resignation to the party leader Alexis Tsipras on Thursday.

Tatsopoulos, commenting on Christodoulos Xeros’ escape, claimed that some members of his party were sympathetic towards the disbanded Greek terrorist organization, November 17. “There are people within SYRIZA who may be sympathetic to the ideas of these people. I assume that because of their own statements, that they considered Xeros a political prisoner. But this is by no means the dominant view within SYRIZA,” said Tatsopoulos during an interview on Wednesday.

Following Tatsopoulos statement, the party secretary Dimitris Vitsas said that “nobody in SYRIZA is either politically or ideologically fond of terrorism.”

Alexis Tsipras, commenting on Tatsopoulos’ resignation, stated that SYRIZA has never thrown any of its members out, nor has it kept them against their will. Tsipras met with Tatsopoulos on Friday to discuss his decision.

The former SYRIZA MP, who keeps his seat, announced in a handwritten letter to the President of the Hellenic Parliament that he is currently an independent politician.



  1. A SYRIZA MP has just confirmed in a written declaration that there are members of the SYRIZA party who are sympathetic to a terrorist organization and yet we see no action from the immoral sleazy New Democracy-Pasok coalition regime. Just imagine for a second if such a statement had been made by a Golden Dawn MP. You can be sure that in that instance the Venizelos-Samaras Junta and the Marxist media would go into overdrive in their ongoing persecution of the Social Nationalist Golden Dawn political movement.

  2. Petros Tatsopoulos is a hero! He just went against his own party. We barely see this ever happen in Greece. SYRIZA is nothing but a bunch of terrorist sympathizers. Don’t vote for SYRIZA. Good job Petro!