University Collaboration Between Greece and Germany

Athens universityThe presiding board of the Hellenic Universities Rectors‘ Synod met with representatives of German universities, in order to discuss the collaboration between Greek and German higher educational institutions.

Both sides aim to increase joint postgraduate programs, student and research exchanges between Greek and German universities, and joint research programs. This first attempt will be the basis for a memorandum of cooperation between the two countries, which will be signed at a new meeting in Rhodes in the following months.

The chairman of Rectors’ Synod, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos, stated: “The discussion with our German colleagues is very important, especially now, when both Greek society and Greek universities are facing major difficulties. For this particular reason, I am very happy that German universities trust us and believe in our potential.”

The vice president of German Rectors’ Conference, university professor D. Lenzen declared that the state of Greek universities is extremely difficult.

“Budget and staff reductions up to 50% in both the scientific and administrative sector with a parallel increase of students, render the proper function of universities impossible. The best social policy is to invest in education and this will be the subject of our next meeting, which will aim to confirm this opinion and to properly inform Greek society,” he said. “It is also important to inform German society about the potential of Greek universities, so as to attract more students for collaboration and exchanges. Greek society respectively, should be informed that German scientists and universities are supporting it at this critical moment and will try to secure the future of Greek universities,” Mr. Lenzen concludes.


  1. Many students that wasted half a year while universities were shut down by strikes have already made the decision to leave Greece for Germany, UK and the US. This alliance is a temporary measure with little to show for long term backing. The chairman is now attempting to bridge the fiscal-moral chasm he zealously ripped open while his students are demonstrating their views of his leadership by leaving the country. Those that cannot afford to leave must suffer the indignation of obtaining a degree under highly questionable qualifying criteria..

  2. Just like the good old days in WW2 when Greece collaborated with the Nazi’s

    Oath by the Greek Security Battalions for Adolf Hitler

    “I swear by God this sacred oath, that I will obey absolutely the orders of the Supreme Commander of the German Army, Adolf Hitler. I will with loyal dedication perform my duties and obey without condition the orders of my superiors. I fully acknowledge that any objection to the obligations hereby accepted will lead to my punishment by the German Military Authorities.”