Worldwide Medical Innovation in Greece

    Nikos Daoutis
    A Greek orthopedic doctor was able to accomplish the impossible, by giving a patient back his thumb after he had lost it in an accident.

    The entire procedure took place in Greece and the surgery was performed by Greek orthopedic doctor Nikos Daoutis, who is responsible for introducing new medical innovation to the world of medicine that resulted in success. Subsequently, this turned out to be news of the day, since it shows that not all great Greek minds decide to leave the country and work abroad.

    Nikos Daoutis was invited to a Greek morning talk show where he explained how he was able to achieve this medical miracle by using the patient’s second toe to create a new thumb. He explained that the new thumb he created will be functional and able to move, but most importantly the patient will have feeling in the thumb.

    The 25-year-old patient Pericles Bogris, was contacted via telephone by the Greek TV channel and spoke of the operation’s success and the significance of what was achieved by doctor Daoutis.


    1. Any Worldwide Medical Innovation in ….FYROM (Mickey Mouse) land of late???
      Didn’t think so!!!