After Testimony, Another Greek Golden Dawn MP Jailed

Already, six of Golden Dawn's MPs are under arrest
Already, six of Golden Dawn’s MPs are under arrest

On the heels of two of his colleagues being taken into detention earlier in the day, a third member of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party was jailed on Jan. 12, in Greece pending his trial along with the group’s leaders, on charges of running a criminal gang.

Efstathios Boukouras was taken into custody after testifying, joining Giorgos Yermenis and Panayiotis Iliopoulos, who had been before two appeals court prosecutors before him. Yermenis, also known as Kaiadas from his stint as a bassist with Greek-Norwegian black metal band Naer Mataron, has been accused by witnesses of training Golden Dawn members to attack migrants.

They are being held at police headquarters and are expected to be transferred to an Athens prison on Jan. 13. There, they will join party leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos,  deputy leader Christos Pappas and Yiannis Lagos, jailed since late September, days after a left-wing rapper was murdered by a Golden Dawn member.

Golden Dawn has 18 legislators in the Parliament but eight have now been detained, effectively muting the party as the government has promised to dismantle it.

Golden Dawn said that the coalition government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative leader and his partner, the PASOK Socialists, are going after them while doing little about growing financial scandals and are soft on crime, allowing two convicted terrorists to be given furloughs, which they used to escape.


  1. Τώρα θα τους στερήσουν τους βουλευτικούς μισθούς για να μη μπορεί
    πλέον η ΧΑ να κάνει συσσίτια… Βεβαίως όλοι οι ομογενείς φίλοι της ΧΑ
    και οι εν Eλλάδι φίλοι της σκοπεύουν να συγκεντρώνουν τακτικότερα
    τρόφιμα (κονσέρβες) και ρούχα ώστε τα συσσίτια να συνεχιστούν. Δείτε εκεί

  2. Instructions have been given to the courts by the Venizelos-Samaras Junta to jail the Golden Dawn MP’s regardless of the absence of any evidence. That’s how a Junta operates.

  3. The parliament of 300 MP’s has now been reduced to 292 MP’s. Laws and any issues being presented in parliament are now being voted on by 292 MP’s. The Greek voters who cast their vote for Golden Dawn have been disenfranchised. This is illegal. The Venizelos-Samaras Junta has trampled on the Hellenic constitution, disenfranchised the Greek citizens who voted for Golden Dawn, and made a mockery of Greece’s justice system.

  4. I wish there was a junta- like in 1967-74 Papadopoulos and Pattakos then you would see glory and honor restored back in Greece. Samaras -Venizelos is not a junta. It’s a f####G circus with useless politicians serving their own interests and needs for themselves and others who are connecting to them- all crooks.

  5. These Greek politicians are disgusting. They are filth. They are SCUM. They need to be exterminated. If Golden Dawn is silenced in parliament, then the supporters need to rise up and destroy anything and everything that stands in their way. They need to kill their way into parliament, and then let the slaughter begin. Let no Greek politician survive. The Greek government has shown how they treat democratically elected MPs who don’t agree with them. It’s time to fight fire with fire.
    These scums in government can’t win. They know that. They are scared like the cowards they are. They know they will rightfully die when Golden Dawn wins. They know they will hang like the excrement they are.

  6. We are witnessing the hollowing out of Greece’s Democracy. The level of desperation has significantly increased the past six months as the coalition’s support has been undermined by their own lack of resolve. Look for more arrests to also include SYRIZA’s MPs.

  7. There is NO democracy in Greece anymore, only Dictatorship !
    In Greece today we have 2 “Criminal Gangs” from PASOK and NewDemocracy Parties running a government of Thieves, Liars & Crooks who created all these problems today.

    It was PASOK & ND Parties who created all the financial problems in Greece by their corrupt rule and mismanagement– (Akis Tzahadzopolous and Yiannos Papantoniou are ex-MPs from PASOK who are an example of their horrific corruption).

    1.) Why isn’t PASOK’s MP Venizelos in jail for hiding the Legarde List 2 years in his home? And what about Venizelos’ controversial submarine bribery deal, he signed in 2010?

    2.) Why isn’t PASOK’s Finance MP Papconstantiou in jail for removing his relative’s names on the List?

    3.) What about PASOK & ND Parties still owing 250 million Euros to the Banks in phony loans they have not paid back a penny yet?

    4.) What about Health Minister Georgiades who got caught cheating on his taxes the other day and was let off with a minor fine of 1200 Euros. Whys is he still a Minister and not fired??

    5.) Why aren’t Kyriakos Mitsotakis and his sister Dora in jail after taking BRIBES from Seimens?

    It seems to me the Gov’t and Press here is using GD, SYRIZA & ANYTHING as a DISTRACTION to take attention away from the Massive Crimes these two corrupt Parties have committed as well as Treason against the whole Greek nation after 39 years of
    corrupt rule– They MUST ALL BE IMPEACHED and JAILED for high crimes and HIGH TREASON against the Greek People and State!

  8. Golden Dawn is a constitutionally registered political party with 18 MP’s ELECTED by the Hellenic people. The Venizelos-Samaras Junta has put itself between a rock and a hard place. The Venizelos-Samaras Junta has 2 choices. (1) Order the Greek court to pronounce a guilty verdict irrespective of the evidence. (2) Let the court set the incarcerated Golden Dawn MP’s free. Greece’s Prime Minister Antonis Samaras admitted on TV that he controls the courts decisions when he admitted that after Golden Dawn MP’s Ilias Kasidiaris, Nikos Mihos and Ilias Panagiotaros were released he made a phone call to ensure that Golden Dawn MP & Party leader Nikos Michaloliakos, deputy leader Christos Pappas, & MP Ioannis Lagos were kept behind bars. If Samaras decides it’s more beneficial for him for Golden Dawn MP’s to be convicted then the orders will go out to the judge to give them a guilty verdict. But is this as good as it sounds? If a guilty verdict is passed the judge is obliged to hand out minimum 20 year jail terms. Now most people in Greece understand that you can’t blame, let alone jail elected MP’s for 20 years just because a street thug who briefly sympathised with Golden Dawn fatally stabbed a Leftist rapper in a drunken brawl following a football match. This doesn’t even happen in Zimbabwe under Mugabe. The Greek people will understand that Samaras has simply jailed his opposition so as to avoid having to compete with them, and Samaras knows they may react with continuous, and growing protests and by dumping their support for New Democracy. Samaras can order elected MP’s to be jail for decades but it will be near impossible to keep them in prison for decades unless the people think they deserve it…unfortunately for Samaras the Greek people, even those who oppose Golden Dawn know what’s going on here. Samaras is not stupid. He knows that he be creating nationalist martyrs that will likely be released 3 or 4 years down the track on appeal. The alternative is to let the court pass a natural independent verdict and release them. A sudden and immediate disaster for the Venizelos-Samaras Junta would result, that’s why I believe Samaras will issue orders to the courts to hand out lengthy sentences to the Golden Dawn MP’s.

  9. This is not me (as most will probably realise).

    What a silly person you are. Why don’t you get a proper hobby?

  10. There will never again be democracy throughout Europe as long as the European Union exists.

  11. The faster GD disappears, the faster a real nationalist party in Greece can emerge.

    If GD collects 6 to 10% of Greek vote, Tsipras will be master of Greece and GD will vanish.

    Think about it.

  12. I have two accounts. One where I support Golden Dawn; and the second one (the one above — with the photo) where I pretend to hate Golden Dawn and European Nationalism.

  13. it is pathetic to see how Greek politics,are run by self serving thieves ,for years PASOK and ND have raped Greece ,the fish smells from the head ,Golden Dawn has been voted from the people dismantling it will only make the voters furious.As far as i can see being born in Greece but lived in Canada since i was 5 years old ,the only party that I have seen help the Greek people and bring out the crap all other politicians have been hiding for decades is golden Dawn ,one more not illegal immigrants have NO rights anywhere in the world and if any other nation sees differently bring then to your country .
    thank god for Golden Dawn ,one more thing to ALL you ignorant dummies
    the swastika as the Germans called it was an ancient Greek symbol thousands of years ago ,so is the Golden Dawn emblem kspnate voida smell the coffee