10.000 Euros Compensation to Vatopedi Monastery

Father Ephraim of the Holy and Great Monastery of Vatopedi, was suing Greek journalist, Kostas Vaxevanis for two of his articles published on the Internet and in print, concerning exchanges between the monastery and the state.

The court partially vindicated the monastery, ordering Vaxevanis to pay 10,000 euros compensation but not 15,000 euros as demanded by monastery representatives.

The judges’ decision related to an article by Vaxevanis, in which it was claimed by the Monastery that the points of view presented, “reflect the defendants own opinion and contains sharp criticism, far beyond what was necessary.”

The journalist was also charged with deliberately insulting Father Ephraim by publicly showing his contempt.

Regarding the 2012 article in the Greek magazine Unfollow, entitled “Ephraim: In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Spirit of Investment,” the judges ruled that Vaxevanis’ claim that Father Ephraim who was imprisoned at the time, had tried to affect his release through various exchanges, was false and an act of defamation.

The court rejected the monastery’s objections concerning disparaging characterizations on the issue of the Vistonida exchange.

Regarding the Greek journalist’s allegations concerning the Cincture of Theotokos worship and the “economic motive” attributed to Father Ephraim, the court ruled that it could not be proven since the Cincture of Theotokos exhibition area was not “arbitrarily selected” by Ephraim. In addition a large part of the money acquired went to the monasteries where the Cincture was exhibited.



  1. So the Gov’t & Justice let the SCUM BAG MONK Ephrim go free, while making Vaxevenis give the creep 10,000 Euros because the Gov’t didn’t want Ephrim covicted or he tell on PASOK & ND how they were in the the Scandal.
    What a joke !!

  2. Whatever Ephraim said the stain on the already stained church is reigning supreme. I and millions of others lost trust and respect on this conglomerate of business money and properties.that’s called church.Jesus does not need money.The money and houses and they are many should be given to the needy of Greece.And why the Vatopedio case is not resolved yet? The people of Greece deserve answers from the government and fast.

  3. Nikos Raptis –

    “”It must not be thought that the Turks at the time of the capture of Constantinople were wild barbarians: their beautiful capital at Bursa was testimony to their skill in the arts and architecture. Also, the Ottomans and the Byzantines had been neighbours for over a century and there had been many cultural and indeed matrimonial exchanges, and even occasional reciprocal military help and alliances.” It was impossible in my time that the information in this paragraph from a book such as the book “Everyday life in Ottoman Turkey” of 1971, by Raphaela Lewis could be accessible to me through the official Greek educational system. It is still impossible.

    Also, what I never learned through the official Greek educational system is why the Ottomans lasted in Greece for four centuries. Here is an explanation: “Much of the land was held by [Christian!] monasteries and absentee landlords, and as the Turkish conquerors ‘liberated’ it and turned it over to the destitute peasants they were hailed as deliverers.” [Lewis, p. 13]. Then when the Turks left, after 1821, the Christian monasteries grabbed back the land. To this day a great part of the choicest Greek land belongs to the monasteries. A few miles from my place there is the “Monastery of Pendeli” at the foot of the Pendeli mountain. The mountain that offered the Greeks the marble to build the Parthenon. Now, this monastery started selling [!!!] the land to the Greeks [!] after the Second World War. The owned surface was and is vast. Also, the money earned by the representatives of God on earth was and is vast. As a matter of fact one of the main economic scandals of the present economic crisis in Greece is the “Vatopedi” scandal. “Vatopedi”, of course, is a monastery in northern Greece.”

  4. You haven’t seen or heard anything yet! Ephraim a has strong contacts and he gets away with a lot of things! He should have stayed in prison! I like “in the name of the father, the son and the holy investment (ephraim). It happens everywhere in all the monasteries and churches. They are all a cover up to con people out of money. Ephraim is the no 1 money maker! Enough ephraim give the money to the people that need it!


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