New Defense Bribery Scandal Arrests

arrestNew arrests were made today in the case of bribes for defense equipment contracts. The police have arrested Sotiris Emmanouil and Ioannis Mpeltsios.

Sotiris Emmanouil was an executive of the Hellenic Shipyards in Skaramagas, Athens. According to allegations, he received a 24 million Euro bribe to sign the controversial German submarine deal. He was arrested this morning at his home in Athens.

Ioannis Mpeltsios was a former Prefect of Kavala, Greece, and former General Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior when Akis Tsochatzopoulos was Minister. Mpeltsios is accused of money laundering; many refer to  him as the “treasurer” of Akis Tsochatzopoulos.

Both arrests were made under a warrant for receiving bribes and money laundering.



  1. All corrupt from politicians to non politicians must stand trial for their roles in embezzling and laundering stolen money which belong to us…

  2. They may stand trial but the bigger question is will they be punished and the money they took returned?

  3. Just more High Crimes from this Gov’t of PASOK & ND Liars and Thieves—
    GET RID OF THEM ALL before tehy sell of all of Greece to Foreign Crooks!

  4. It is the the Crooked Greek Press and Justice System who are still woking with PASOK & ND and keeping them all out of prison.
    What a farce and fraud the Press & Justice in this country is!