Council of Europe Asks Greece to Stop Collective Expulsions of Immigrants

immigrantsNils Muiznieks, Europe’s Council Commissioner for Human Rights has complained about Greece’s migrant policy and has asked Greek authorities to end the collective expulsions of immigrants.

The council’s official website hosted a letter sent by the commissioner to the Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias and the Merchant Marine Minister, Miltiadis Varvitsiotis, in which he urged Greece “to radically change its migration policy and practice.”

“The large number of reported collective expulsions by Greece of migrants, including a large number of Syrians fleeing war and violence, along with allegations of ill-treatment of migrants by members of the coast guard and of border police, raise serious human rights concerns,” wrote the commissioner.

According to a report by Amnesty International published in December 2013, officers of the Greek police and coast guard regularly mistreat Syrian refugees who enter the country. The document reported many illegal practices such as push-backs, violent beatings and confiscation of personal belongings.

Muiznieks suggested that Greek authorities should carry out thorough investigations in all such reported cases, and take all necessary measures in order to put an end to these cruel practices. According to the European Commissioner, collective expulsions are against international and European human rights law and the fundamental principle of non-refoulement, enshrined in the UN Refugee Convention.




  1. Greek hating Nils Muiznieks and Amnesty Internation can go f-ck themselves. No nation agreed to mass illegal immigration. In addition Amnesty International pretends not to notice the former Yugoslavian turning into “ancient Macedonians” and accompanying irredentism to hide their embarrassment for bizarrely recognizing obvious frauds as “ethnic Macedonians”. Self-righteous bigots that confuse everything that exits their mouth as “human rights”.

  2. If our government had any courage they would consider expelling any foriegn funded NGOs that collude with Skopians or mass illegal immigration.

  3. Greece currently has a very serious economic crisis. Unemployment in Greece is over 20 % and you unemployment is over 60 %. Greece is unable to support its own people and incapable of paying pensions to its aged and frail members of population.

    So I ask, given that it cannot take care of its own nationals, how will it take care of others who illegally arrive in Greece?I agree in an ideal world it would be nice to help everyone, but when Greek Government cannot take care of its own nationals, that mentality is a bit unrealistic.

    Europe’s Council Commissioner for Human Rights – is he proposing that Europe give money to Greece to take of these refugees, or does he expect that Greeks be further starved so to accommodate these refugees? If he genuinely wishes Greece to be more humane, perhaps he should encourage some of the other states to give money to Greece for this problem.

  4. The council of Europe is welcome to take them all, house them and feed them…We don’t won’t them any more since we cannot solve our own problems…

  5. Greeks to Council………F U. Come and get them or they go back from where they came from.

    The only thing these people want to see is Greece turned into a toilet where these people pass through, take a dump and move on.

  6. This is the email of Bjorn Berge, Director General of Council of Europe “[email protected]” or the secretary general of council of europe email “[email protected]” to condemn their statement…You all send them an email with your objections as I did…I don’t have money to eat and the government is not helping us the long term unemployed so how come our Greek government will help these illegals???

  7. If the illegal immigrant “migrant” issue is pressed by the electorate, Samaras will be forced from office. Because he will capitulate to the whim of European Council rather than uphold the Will of the people of Greece. This is one of those instances when the obvious deep rooted flaws of EU Eurocracy and their minions like Amnesty International becomes apparent to the average citizen. Greece is not a dust collector for the wandering peoples of the world to settle and live off the dole of the already desperate Greeks. If the Council Commissioner for Human Rights is so concerned about immigration he should start by identifying the human trafficers as the cause of the problem.

  8. The photo in the article is a good impression of what artificially imported 3rd World multiCULTuralism does to the streets of European cities. In addition nearly all 3rd Worlders have entered Greece illegally. The question that should be asked is why are these 3rd World illegals nearly all of which enter Greece via Turkey, not remaining in Turkey?
    There is no war going on in Turkey and the Turkish economy is in a far better state than the Greek economy. These supposed refugees should lose the right to call themselves refugees the moment they decide that they will not remain in Turkey and try to leave Turkey and enter a European nation.

  9. Only a Golden Dawn governed Greece would expell foreign NGO’s.
    The New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime is totally sold out and beholden to the interests of Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Washington, New York, London and ofcourse Tel Aviv. The NGO’s in turn are financed and controlled by Zionist lobbies operating primarily out of these cities. These Zionist lobbies want Greece to be a social and economic basketcase. They want an artificially and illegally imported 3rd World multiCULTuralism to overwhelm the Native Greek peoples.

    Greece’s Prime Minister Antonis Samaras announces his plans to give illegal immigrants and their children the right to vote in Greek elections. He means to erase Greece once and for all, as per the instructions of his Zionist bosses.
    ONLY Golden Dawn stands in the way of this puppet of World Jewry.

    “Ο Σαμαράς δίνει ψήφο στους λαθρομετανάστες”

  10. Turkey doesn’t want them either. If they leave the refugee camps bordering Syria they do so for the sole purpose to enter Europe. Obviously somebody in Turkey is making a lot of money smuggling “refugees” into Greece. But that is only part of the issue as many come from conditions far worse than Syria. Many arrive with tuberculosis, polio and many other contagions that apparently the Council Commissioner doesn’t seem to understand the threat to the population. Rather selfish of Nils to ignore.

  11. I think the Council of Europe is suffering from a crisis of delusion on this particular matter. Honestly what planet do they think they are on?