Ryanair Announces Plans to Open New Base in Athens, Greece


In a press conference, the CEO of the Irish airline Ryanair announced the company’s intentions to open a new base in Athens.

This new base in Athens is an integral part of Ryanair’s investment plan in Greece, where the Irish airline company will be investing 280 billion dollars. The new base of Ryanair in Athens will start its function this April with 2 company aircrafts.

Ryanair from its new base in Athens, will offer six new air travel destinations to passenger flights in Chania, London, Milan, Paphos, Rhodes and Thessaloniki. The airline said it would carry over 1.2 million passengers in Athens, where it will be offering 154 weekly flights, and over 1.6 million passengers a year in Thessaloniki, from where it will have 212 weekly flights.

From Athens, Ryanair will be offering:

–          4 flights daily to Chania

–          2 flights daily to London

–          2 flights daily to Paphos

–          2 flights daily to Rhodes

–          10 flights daily to Thessaloniki

The Irish company will base one more aircraft in Thessaloniki and also estimates that the new base in Athens airport will create new job positions.

Meanwhile, Ryanair announced that from now on, the company will offer Greek customers prices starting from 12 euros on interior flights.

Last but not least, the directors of the Irish airline company accused the two other Greek airline companies – Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air — of creating a monopoly in Greek air transports.