New Evaluation Method for Public Sector Employees

    public sector evaluations
    The new evaluation method for the Greek public sector employees will put an end to “excellent” grades, as it introduces a new quota on ratings. The bill concerning the evaluation of civil servants is one of Greece’s obligations under the memorandum rules and will be tougher on employees, potentially opening the way for layoffs.

    Any civil servant with a low score on the evaluation test will be in danger of labor mobility or even exit from the public sector in general.

    From now on, evaluators will not only judge the performance and achievements of each employee, they will also take into account the possibility they have of excelling in their work environment. Essentially through these new regulations there will be specific quotas for the respective rating scales where employees will be categorized according to their evaluation.

    The state is also concerned with choosing the head of each department. A new legislation will be proposed to the Greek Parliament that aims to choose according to each employee’s qualifications rather than mainly experience. This will promote qualifications such as diplomas, masters degrees etc. for candidates in General Director and Head of Department positions in order to give an advantage to the younger qualified employees against the older who only have experience.

    The new legislation will probably include the conducting of a special interview according to the European countries’ standards. In accordance with international standards, the interview should be open to fellow candidates, taped and conducted by committees of senior executives who have been trained abroad.


    1. The evaluating civil servants dealings with the public??? Our Civil servants do treat us like animals, they think they are God on earth and in fact they are the shittiest people on earth…Our civil servants are not even worth a respect…

    2. Civil servants anywhere in the world are useless. Why should they be entitled to job security or even mobility if they have a lower assessment. You don’t produce and are not effective then you are fired.

    3. So the Government will now employ a “qualified” person who most likely had his daddy pay the fuckelucky to get his degree at some private University, whom has NO experience over a person who has had 10 or 20 years experience on the job with no certificate?

      Samaras’s son will be a prime example with exemplary grades thanks to his daddy. Then he will run the country because he has a degree, with a distinction no doubt… LOL.

    4. Greece does have something to offer.
      Wjat does FYROM have to offer??
      You wouldn’t go there unless some one put a gun to your head hahahahaha!!!

    5. You are kidding!!
      A link to some Slav-Mak website??
      Do you have any real news up there or just the Fantasy Daily??

    6. “I’ve been to Macedonia three times in 5 years.”
      Congtrats …you & twenty others that make up the tourist statistics of FYROM hahahahaha!
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    7. ¶8. (SBU) Evangelos Venizelos: Leader of a PASOK faction that has
      traditionally been in opposition to Papandreou. A university
      professor of constitutional law born in 1957, Mr. Venizelos (nee
      Turkoglu) collided with Mr. Papandreou over the party leadership in
      2007 – and decisively lost. He first entered parliament in 1993 and
      has risen to the status of leading PASOK member from Thessaloniki.
      Mr. Venizelos held cabinet portfolios in previous PASOK
      administrations and was member of top party organs. At Defense,
      Mr. Venizelos will be expected to deal with the impasse of arms
      procurement and energize an organization demoralized by the
      disinterest and lack of direction under the previous government.
      His understanding of defense matters is minimal at present,
      although his supporters suggest that he is a “fast learner” and
      will make up for an absence of practical experience with his
      trademark workaholic approach.
      Now what?

    8. “I’ve been to Macedonia three times in 5 years.”

      Where have you been Afro?

    9. Now what??
      These are the same people who told us that Saddam had WMD!!
      One ambassador got it wrong & it has been laughed off by everyone except the conspiracy theorists in Greece & Slavs with no life who look for every little piece of gossip & muck to throw at the Greeks.
      Mate… this says more about you & the waste of space you are.
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    10. How about a real quote for once Skopian? Here’s a a few good ones for you by your own ethnic BULGARIAN national hero Kste Misirkov.

      “The ONLY Macedonian Slavs who played a leading part in the uprising were those who called themselves BULGARIAN .”

      “We are BULGARIAN , more BULGARIANS than the BULGARIANS in BULGARIA themselves.”

      “Macedonians means only Macedonian BULGARIANS”

      “Some will ask why I speak of breaking away from the BULGARIANS when in the past we have even called ourselves BULGARIANS ”

      “No matter whether we call ourselves BULGARIANS or Macedonians we shall always feel as a nationality with a BULGARIAN national consciousness”

      “The population of Skopje is pure BULGARIAN”

      Your BULGARIAN ancestors would be so proud of you fpr denouncing them Skopian fraud.

    11. Not only one and not wrong:

      The journalist Mark Dragoumis questioned the origin of Venizelos’ name, suggesting that E. Venizelos, or one of his ancestors, has changed his name.

      And here it is – Venizelos ‘s real family name is TURKIOZOGLOU:

      “According to information since given to this columnist by an Asian Minor scholar specialising in the names of refugee families, the name change dates from shortly after 1922 when an ancestor of the PASOK politician – probably his grandfather – came to Greece from Asia Minor bearing the name of Turkiozoglou (ie “son of a song-writer” as Turkin means ‘song’ in Turkish) “:

      …Most probably a gypsy from Turkey, as the gypsies are widely known as musicians and blacksmiths.

    12. So dickhead what is your point here???

      He is Greek refugee from Asia Minor. Clearly he accepts ancestry and call himself Greek. He doesn’t try to steal their history, identity and culture – unlike your pathetic people, who are trying to steal mine.

      Instead of spending your time posting your pathetic comments on a Greek website, maybe you should take time out and learn to accept your ancestral roots.

    13. What you re saying is vague to say he least.
      Whatever the truth about his background it means little and is a mute point.
      The man is a proud Greek & a patriot unlike the Albos shooting up your country & who will ask for secession within 10 years…[email protected]!!
      Anyway keep digging like a good Slavic grub that you are!!
      What else can you do but clutch at straws.

    14. What about the Turk-orthodox refugees from Asia Minor? What about Macedonians? What about UN report:

      Report of the UN Independent Expert on Minority Issues, Gay McDougall : addendum : mission to Greece (8-16 September 2008)

      Publication date: 18 February 2009

      “The independent expert urges the Government of Greece to withdraw from the dispute over whether there is a Macedonian or a Turkish minority in Greece and focus on protecting the rights to self-identification, freedom of expression and freedom of association of those communities.

      Their rights to minority protections must be honoured in accordance with the Declaration on Minorities and the core international human rights treaties.

      Greece should comply fully with the judgements of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), specifically those decisions that associations should be allowed to use the words “Macedonian” and “Turkish” in their names and to express their ethnic identities freely.”,,UNHRC,,GRC,,49b7b2e52,0.html:

    15. Scum bag do you realise that the surnames that you are rattling off are by and large Greek in origin??
      Even if the Vlachs or any other ethnic group took them as their own once upon a time it does not make those names non- Greek or specifically Vlach names.
      It is a little like the African -American community having names of American presidents ie Washington.
      Does that make the name Washington an African -American name??
      Of course not!
      Get it stupid??
      So it proves nothing about Prime Minister Samaras.
      You will need to check his own personal geneology to come up with those insinuations.

    16. From your own link d!ckhead:
      ‘The government suggests that “insignificant” numbers of votes gained by the Rainbow political party is evidence of a lack of popular support for their claims.’
      How do you explain the insignificant” numbers of votes gained by the Rainbow political party???
      Surely a significant ‘Macedonian’ ethnic group would have a significant political party!!!

    17. From your own link d!ckhead:
      ‘During the ancient Greek and Hellenistic periods, the Hellenic territories in the region and beyond were vast. Conquered territories became subject to strong Greek influence (Hellenization) for centuries’

      During the Hellenistic period eh???
      And who caused this to happen malakovski??
      Alexander did!!

    18. From your own link d!ckhead:

      ‘However, the Independent Expert met
      individuals who self-identified as Pomak and Roma who described pressure to speak and learn
      Turkish instead of Pomak and to identify as Turkish. One described a climate of intimidation and pressure for their children to attend minority schools. Some stated that members of the Pomak and Roma community are discriminated against if they do other than describe themselves as Turkish.’

      That’s how to build up a strong minority eh???

    19. From your own link d!ckhead:

      Article 94. ‘The government should quickly implement its program of positive measures to ensure that 0.5% of all government jobs are filled by persons belonging to the Muslim minority.’

      That’s it??
      0.5% ???
      Another Slav clutching at straws hahahahaha!!!

    20. From your own link d!ckhead:

      C. Ethnic identity in the region of Florina

      40. The Kingdom of Ancient Macedonia is part of the Hellenic historical and cultural heritage,
      reclaimed by modern Greece, and with a population of primarily ethnic Greeks, despite linguistic variations due to historical influence. The government points to the archaeological sites including Vergina, where tombs of King Phillip II and Alexander IV dating back to the 3rd Century BC were unearthed in the 1970s. Artefacts including these tombs display ancient Greek inscriptions considered by the government to confirm that the region and its people are historically Greek.

      Boo hoo Slav boo hoo!!

    21. From your own link d!ckhead:
      C. Ethnic identity in the region of Florina

      49. Mayors from towns in the region protested the idea that people within their constituencies consider there to be a Macedonian ethnicity. The government dismisses such claims as misleading and not corresponding to existing realities. The government asserts that Macedonia
      was historically Greek and its inhabitants direct descendants of Ancient Hellenes. It refers only
      to those speaking a “Slavic dialect or oral idiom”, confined to family or colloquial use….

      If there are significant numbers of ‘your people’ there; then why don’t they vote in one of their own as mayor???