Greek Internet Personality Sentenced

elder pastitsiosA 10-month suspended sentence was imposed by the court on 27-year-old Filippos Loizos, who became known in Greece through his humorous Facebook page “Geron Pastitsios.” He was convicted for habitual blasphemy and offense of religion. Loizos appealed, while the prosecutor suggested a more lenient sentence.

The 27-year-old was arrested in September by officers of the Greek Cyber Crimes Unit, for alleged blasphemy through Facebook against a famous Greek monk, Elder Paisios, after pressure was applied by members of the Golden Dawn party.

Paisios, an Orthodox monk from Cappadocia who died in 1994, was highly venerated in Greece and Russia, and formal canonization as a saint in the near future has been speculated. Loizos set up a Facebook page using the mocking name “Geron Pastitsios,” which is a Greek pasta dish.



  1. I did not know Greece was a totalitarian society where freedom of speech was not as important as venerating religious hucksters. Let this be a warning to everyone worldwide, some religious people have no respect for freedom, and will propagate their authoritarian system of control by any means necessary. They have done so for thousands of years, and will continuer to do so unless we stand up to it. Shame on Greece.

  2. If you can’t tolerate being mocked for your ridiculous medieval beliefs, then don’t have such beliefs. Apply some rational thinking instead. “Blasphemy” should be obsolete – it is a victimless crime, just like Theology is the study of nothing more than ancient fairy tales.

  3. Since when free speech is curbed in Greece.Who rules the country? Democracy or theocracy? Is our pious church becoming the Taliban of Greece? Why P. Loisos court case preceded that of the monk Efraim and the case of vatopedion?people demand answers.

  4. 27-year-old Filippos Loizos went out of his way to insult Elder Paisios who is deceased. It wasin a desperate, distastefull and pathetic attempt to get attention. Well he certainly did get attention from the authorities. Why pity this lowlife. His sentence was suspended anyhow.


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