SYRIZA Killing New Democracy, PASOK in Attica

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras' party is pulling away from New Democracy
SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras’ party is pulling away from New Democracy

A series of scandals, unresolved talks with the country’s international lenders, and the escape of a terrorist seem to be taking their toll on Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ coalition government and his New Democracy Conservatives, who have fallen 7.7 percent points behind their rival, the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) in the critical Attica region including Athens.

SYRIZA, which opposes the austerity measures being imposed by the government, had been battling for the lead in surveys for a year with New Democracy, both sides barely one percent apart, but now has a lead of 24.6-16.9 percent in the poll taken by GPO for Newcast.

That comes in the wake of a series of arrests involving a scandal at the failed state-owned Hellenic Postbank, the defense ministry, a publisher charged with failing to pay his taxes and as Samaras is trying to assert the country is poised to make a comeback. Voters aren’t buying it.

Despite the arrest and prosecution of its leaders on charges of running a criminal gang, the ultra-far right extremists of Golden Dawn remain a steadfast third with 11.1 percent, even though its leader, Nikos Michaloliakos and four other of his party’s Members of Parliament are in jail awaiting trial.

As bad as the results were for Samaras, it was worse for his partner, the PASOK Socialists who got 44 percent of the vote in 2009 when it won the elections. Under current leader Evangelos Venizelos, who gave Samaras his votes to join the coalition and was rewarded by being named Deputy Prime Minister/Foreign Minister, have fallen to 3 percent, the threshold needed to win seats in Parliament.

The once-dominant PASOK now is essentially irrelevant with Venizelos under attack in his own party for his incessant support of big pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions that are antithetical to the party’s Socialist platform. Fearing repudiation in the May European Parliament elections, he is aligning his party with a new group, The 58 Initiative, which is trying to unify Greece’s fractured left for the euro polls.

PASOK is now dead last among the seven parties in the Parliament. The Communist party (KKE) is fourth with 4.9 percent, followed by the Independent Greeks at 4 percent, the Democratic Left (DIMAR) – a former partner in the coalition – at 3.1 percent and also in danger of disappearing as a party next, just ahead of PASOK.

About 13 percent of voters are undecided and while the survey wasn’t nationwide, it covers the most populous area and if the lead holds it would be difficult for New Democracy to catch up and stay in power in the 2016 elections – if the government lasts that long and snap elections aren’t held.

With Samaras promising a recovery and return to the markets this year and a gradual end to a seven-year deep recession and crushing economic crisis, New Democracy and PASOK also have to survive the European and municipal elections this year.

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, who opposes the austerity measures and said his party wouldn’t repay the $325 billion in loans granted by the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) has predicted the Leftists will come to power.

Tsipras, who had blasted Samaras and Venizelos for ejecting party members who disagreed with them, has done the same, tossing out lawmaker Petros Tatsopoulos who indicated there was support in the party for anarchists and terrorists. He promised to punish party members who don’t follow his orders but so far hasn’t offered a clue as to how he would govern without any money.

He has promised a return to Utopia by restoring pay, cutting taxes, returning pensions to their previous level and no public worker firings as demanded by the Troika. He didn’t say how he would do it without the loans or if Greece continues to be locked out of the markets.


  1. The Venizelos-Samaras Junta is doomed. They are already politically irrelevant and this will be clear for all to see at the Greek municipal and EU parliamentary electioms both scheduled for May 2014.

    Despite the arrest and prosecution of its leaders on charges of running a criminal gang, the ultra-far right extremists of Golden Dawn remain a steadfast third with 11.1 percent,

  2. The Greek citizens of Greece are FED UP and are not buying Samaras lies. It is evident and come Spring 2014 SYRIZA will WIN IT by a BIG MARGIN! My only concern is that Samaras and the corrupt coalition gov’t do not pull anything dirty with manipulating the outcome votes. You are talking CORRUPT politicians to the bone here-you never know?
    I hope they get every member on the LaGarde list.
    I hope they jail Liapis, Papantoniou and the rest of the convicts (too many to mention here) for life without parole.
    I hope they arrest and prosecute Venizelos for corruption and treason.
    I hope they get G.Papandreou on a international warrant and jail him too for treason.
    I hope Greece EXITS the euro and let the entire pyramid scheme euro currency collapse.
    May the Greek people -citizens of Greece begin to recover in a few years and stop the brutality of these measures that have not worked.
    I hope every PASOK and ND past and present politician that stole robbed Greece rot in HELL For ETERNITY!

  3. Tsipras’ SYRIZA may come out the winner if elections were to be held. But in all likelihood they will not have enough votes and will need to partner to form a coalition or face yet another useless Papademos like Technocratocracy.
    Failing to form a coalition will allow sufficient time for ND to purge the party and reorganize with the support of Brussels and Berlin. Therefore an olive branch needs to be extended by SYRIZA to make peace with ND’s opponents to build a coalition partnership. The big question is will Golden Dawn accept the branch?

  4. With all the Greeks that died defending the country from the nazis, you bring all your nazi crap on here everyday. All you hitler wanna bees will eventually have the same fate. Death

  5. Even in an a socialist utopia, profitless society- people need to work.
    Tsipras hasn’t stated how he is to create work for his people – there is no dignity in sitting on your arse and day dreaming ” one must sow the seed, grow the grain before reaping it and making bread to eat it -even in a commune society …”

  6. My father an orthodox Hellene/Cypriot, 90 years old and still living spent 4 years in german concentration camp to fight against people like you – your constant everyday dribble is, to say the least – nauseating – give it a break the record is broken.

  7. Nearly 28% of the working population currently are doing exactly what you wrote, sitting at home unemployed and waiting for dignity to return. We already know what ND and PASOK has done and probably SYRIZA. The reforms that could have been enacted with a stimulus program would have returned the economy back to life were overlooked in favour of austerity and continued partisan corruption.

  8. I don’t want a Nazi leadership in Greece and I don’t want Tsipras to become the next Hugo Chavez and turn Greece into a Venezuela.

  9. That German concentration camp mustn’t have been so bad if he managed to survive 4 years in it. In addition you provide no details that would allow anyone to verify your story. You should be protesting against the illegal and unconstitutional imprisonment of elected Golden Dawn MP’s.

    Golden Dawn is a constitutionally registered political party with 18 ELECTED MP’s, elected by Greek CITIZENS. The New Democracy-Pasok coalition regime has imprisoned 6 Golden Dawn MP’s, disenfranchising the Hellenic citizens who cast their vote for Golden Dawn at the June 2012 national elections. The Greek parliament which is supposed to allow all 300 MP’s to vote on laws now votes through laws with the participation of only 294 MP’s (again illegal) as 6 Golden Dawn MP’s are in prison. Ofcourse sleazy, whining, anti-democratic, degenerate, hypocrites like yourself find it nauseating when these facts are mentioned.

  10. Your comment is a clear display of the murderous hatred that saturates your thoughts. You appear to be mentally deranged and should seek immediate psychiatric evaluation and assistance before you commit an act of violence.

  11. Anybody who thinks that there is even the remotest chance that the Coalition of the Radical Left and the Social Nationalists of Golden Dawn will form a coalition government is dreaming and is detached from political reality. The fact is that there have already been several public comments by SYRIZA MP’s mentioning a possible alliance with New Democracy. Far more likely is that SYRIZA will band together with tiny DIMAR and tiny PASOK in the hope that they can scramble another 5% of the vote to let them govern. You forget that the party that comes first in elections is given an additional 15% of the seats so SYRIZA needs to only come first with 36% of the vote and they can then govern Greece.

  12. If as you state is policy then GD is to exist only on the periphery of the political landscape, and like KKE will shrink when the electorate becomes bored with them or the economy improves. There are usually areas where opposite ends of the political spectrum share common interests, it is a matter of determining which ones and prioritizing them. It is said in politics, timing and positioning is everything.

  13. Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote. The fact is (and this shall become clear to even the most extreme and irrational Venizelos-Samaras Junta fanatics) that PASOK is politically irrelavent and New Democracy has lost alot of support since they first formed a coalition government in June 2012. Polls suggest that SYRIZA and Golden Dawn will be revealed to be the 1st and 2nd most popular parties in Greece respectively come that May 2014 Greek municipal and EU parliamentary elections.

  14. You need to think this through any smart politician always hedges their position towards success. If SYRIZA wins a majority or forms a coalition with DIMAR, ANEL and what’s left of PASOK, they will dominate the political scene for as long as they can, which may not be very long. This however leaves GD on the outside looking in, starved of funding and loss of useful MPs all while ND reorganizes and regroups. The following election after SYRIZA, could be all telling whether the electorate will decidedly shift to GD or return to ND’s new platform of candidates. I do not doubt GD will reap gains come May, but in the larger scheme of Greece’s politics following snap elections may be GD’s only and/or best opportunity.

  15. Nigel is not really complaining about Samaras, He’s criticizing the EU as a whole (which he sees as undemocratic). He also sees it as trying to impose a European identity at the expense of our ethnic ones. I support Samaras but I have to agree with Nigel on this point. The EU was supposed to be about facilitating trade and good will not about ethnically deleting ourselves for the sake of a United States of Europe. It won’t work. Too many different languages, cultures and history. It will fall apart like the former Yugoslavia did. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is fear of more European wars.

  16. Exactly. There are three sets of crazies at the moment in Greece.

    1. KKE/Syriza (communist)
    2. Golden Dawn (fascist)
    3. Anarchists (especially irrational)

  17. “sitting at home unemployed and waiting for dignity to return”

    And this is our problem.

    Sitting at home waiting for the government to fix all our ills will not do that. When enough Greek realize that a few government officials aren’t the basis for an economy, then maybe we can fix our economy. As long as millions are shamelessly waiting around for government handouts we will go nowhere.

  18. “Heil” reality.

    a. Despite their past mistakes, ND has far more support than GD. Even Syriza have more support than GD. GD is nowhere near the support necessary to form even a coalition government and certainly not in “second place” as you lie. No one supports your Nazi party other than neo-Nazis in other countries. (much like how foreign communists support our own communists)

    b. Supporting the anti-democratic fascist Golden Dawn then slandering a democratically elected government as a “junta” further illustrates how out of touch with reality you are.

    c. You are such an sheep you are even willing to sacrifice Greece to the communists for the sake our your Hitler loving leader. So much for patriotism.

  19. Many Greek died fighting communists too. Should we kill all the Greek communists too? GD are extreme but arguing “death” is also extreme.

  20. No one on GD is in a position to lecture anyone about violence. GD (along with many far leftist extremists) are the ones that keeps calling for executions and violence against Greeks.

  21. Do you really think 28% of the working age population of Greece are waiting for government to fix the problem, or is government the cause of the problem. After six years and steadily dropping employment statistics, businesses closing and endless strikes we must come to the harsh conclusion that government clearly IS the problem.

  22. I challenge you to provide a link to a single case where a registered member of Golden Dawn has publicly called for the execution of Greek citizens. You won’t be able two because there are no such cases. Once again you’ve exposed yourself to be a liar who shamelessly spreads slander and misinformation.

  23. You talk about the democratically elected government but you say not a single word about the imprisonment of 6 ELECTED Golden Dawn MP’s and how this disenfranchises the Greek citizens who voted for them. Hypocrite!

    Golden Dawn is a constitutionally registered Greek political party with 18 ELECTED MP’s, who were voted into parliament by Greek CITIZENS. The Greek parliament which is supposed to have 300 MP’s according to the Greek constitution, has been reduced to 294 MP’s as 6 Golden Dawn MP’s are sitting in prison on the orders of the New Democracy-Pasok coalition regime! Laws are being voted on by 294 MP’s thus the Hellenic electorate is not fully represented. The New democracy-PASOK coalition regime is by legal definition an undemocratic, illegal and unconstitutional Junta and you are a dull Junta fanatic.

  24. According to you the sane political parties are New Democracy and PASOK. Lets take a brief look at the destructive impact these two crime syndicates that masquerade as political parties have had on Greece:

    (1) Taken turns looting Greece since 1974 (40 YEARS)

    (2) Allowed an unspecified number (ranging anywhere between 1.5 million – 3 million) of ILLEGAL 3rd World immigrants, to flood into Greece turning entire suburbs of Greece’s major towns and cities into violent, ghettoized slums.

    (3) New Democracy reportedly owes some 105 million euros ($142.5 million) to the state-operated ATEbank, which had to be taken by Piraeus over because of bad loans, and 15 million euros ($20.3 million) to Piraeus Bank. PASOK reportedly has borrowed 97 million euros from ATEbank,($131.72 million) along with 22 million euros ($29.8 million) from Attica Bank, 10 million euros ($13.5 million) from Marfin and 5 million euros ($6.79 million) from Piraeus. WHERE has all this money gone?

    (4) The infamous “Lagarde list” scandal which PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos hid in his home for 2 years but was never arrested and prosecuted for doing so.

    (5) Greece’s suicide rate has skyrocketed as a direct result of the collapse of Greece’s economy brought about entirely by the unprecedented corruption of New Democracy and PASOK. Greece used to have the lowest suicide rate in Europe and now has the highest. At least 5000 Greek citizens have committed suicide as a direct result of Greece’s economic collapse. Their BLOOD is on New Democracy and PASOK’s hands!

    (6) Disregarding the democratic and constitutional rights of 7% of Greece’s electorate that voted for Golden Dawn in 2012 by imprisoning 1/3 of Golden Dawns MP’s.

    (7) Unconstitutionally voting through laws with the participation of only 294 MP’s and not the constitutional and elected 300 MP’s thus showing all the hallmarks of an illegitimate Junta.

    (8) New Democracy and PASOK Deliberately lied to the Hellenic people in the June 2012 pre-election campaign by pretending to be opponents and then immediately forming a New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime to implement the orders of the EU-ECB-IMF Troika.

    Golden Dawn warned the Greek people that this would happen by telling them that if you vote New Democracy you get PASOK for free. Golden Dawn appropriately nicknamed the New Democracy – PASOK coalition regime, “Nea-Pasokratia”

  25. I am Orthodox, and if you are one too then you will know the EU and everything it represents, is wholly anti-Orthodox and hence – evil. Xrisi Avgi is fighting to end the EU, therefore all Orthodox should support Xrisi Avgi!

  26. Please tell me, who on earth is voting Syriza and more importantly – what on earth does the ordinary Greek man or woman gain from supporting it!?

  27. Agreed. All Orthodox Christians should support Golden Dawn. It is the ONLY political party that will ban all anti-Christian propaganda from entering Greece. For example anti-Christian movies produced by Jewish Hollywood will not be screened in Greece. Marxist plays that portray the Lord Jesus Christ and his Apostles as homosexuals will be banned. Anybody who wishes to say that this is anti-democratic I ask them to consider that in so called “Democratic Canada” the authorities sieze books written by PhD of History Dr David Duke at the Canadian border and burn them.

  28. I know you do, I wasn’t referring to you I was referring to all those who’d vote an utterly destructive Soros party what is with their heads!?

  29. Anyone that would support the alternatives of communists and fascists is in no position to lecture about reason.