Former Chairman in Custody for Submarine Scandal

subSotiris Emmanouil was detained for his part in the submarine scandal after his formal statement to the Magistrate Gavriil Mallis.

Emmanouil was an executive and former president of the Hellenic Shipyards in Skaramagas, Athens when Akis Tsochatzopoulos was Minister in the Ministry of National Defense. He was temporarily detained, as agreed by both the Magistrate and Prosecutor.

Emmanouil was accused of bribery and the laundering of 17 million Euros through his company, which he received from the German shipbuilders HDW. However he denies the accusations, insisting that the money came from legal transactions between the two companies.

On Saturday, Ioannis Mpeltsios, former associate of Tsochatzopoulos, is due to appear before the Magistrate to make a formal statement. He was arrested on the same day as Emmanouil.

Alexandros Avatagelos was arrested yesterday. He is a key figure in the submarine scandal and after his formal statement to the Magistrate Gavriil Mallis, was released. His bail was set at 500,000 euros, while he was prohibited from leaving the country and had to report to a police station regularly. But he was rearrested yesterday for failing to post bail and was sent directly to prison.



  1. All these thieves will eventually face the music, just like the banking scoundrels, who are now beginning to talk and point the fingers at each other about their bogus business scams. It’s becoming a fuid situation and a lot of lamogia who cavorted with them are nervous these days.

    When this losing coalition government dissolves and their present leaders become totally irrelevant, you will see the “helicopter moment” as they ascend to the rooftops to be ferried out of the country, using their millions to escape. It was always in their plans anyway.

    Then all the past and present scandals will be miraculously remembered by the press. The new legal hounds will begin sniffing out the well-kept list of bad deeds and go out hot on the money trails. With no protection politically the big boys who robbed the country for the past 40 years and stole the hopes of the next generation will be persecuted like war criminals for decades–many of them extradited back to Greece to face charges.

    May they all loose their minds having to duck flying yogurts every where they appear and maybe a few stones and bullets just to keep them alert.

    Eventually they will all slip into dementia while trying to endure each other over games of tavli in prison.