Man Cuffed for ‘Renting’ Underage Sister


An 18 year-old man in Kavala, Northern Greece, did not hesitate to force his 17 year-old sister into prostitution. The ruthless man was charging potential clients 1,100€ for the services of his underage sister.

Police attained information on the young man prostituting his sister and soon after a policeman contacted the brother pretending to be a client interested in booking an appointment.

Later on, the brother went to the appointment with his sister. After receiving the amount of 1,100€, the man delivered the girl to the officer who was posing as a client, giving him the right to abuse her as he wishes for the next two months. The undercover police officer, paid the brother with marked banknotes.

After finding the marked banknotes in his possession, police arrested the 18 year-old man, who will be taken before the Public Prosecutor in Kavala.