Stournaras and Tsipras Argue over Banking Scandals

tsiprasThe Greek Minister of Finance, Yiannis Stournaras and the leader of the main opposition SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, had an intense argument in Parliament on Friday morning, after the opposition leader posed a question to the Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras about the recent banking scandals.

Stournaras answered that there is still a lot to be done and spoke of “an unprecedented purge which is “in progress in all sectors.” Stournaras claimed that his goal is to ensure that the Greek banks are gradually released from the Financial Stability Fund while the government also intends to increase bank audits.

Tsipras stated that although the Greek people are suffering, the primary goal of the government is to ensure that the banks make a profit. “The Greek people are on their knees so that the banks continue to profit.” Furthermore he said that while other European countries try to ensure public interests, “plundering prevails in Greece.

The leader of the opposition accused Stournaras and the government of being completely dependent on the German Minister of Finances’ orders and “desires,” regarding debt negotiations.


  1. Tsipiras is an irresponsible communist populist moron. Its important that banks are profitable. If our banks collapsed everyone would lose their life savings and we’d turn into Syria.

  2. Samaras cannot even debate and uses the discredited finance minister as his surrogate to respond to charges. Clearly the House of Samaras is in rapid decline. But do not miscalculate a wounded political beast like him from turning on his pursuers and supporters in an attempt to escape.

  3. Do you really believe our life savings are safe? Do you think that one day we’ll awaken to find a percentage of our life savings arbitrarily deducted to maintain the bank’s liquidity?

  4. Samaras is infinitely preferable to the irresponsible fascist and communist fanatics waiting in the wings.

  5. In reality they already have. We just don’t know or are afraid to admit it. Many people worked very hard and sacrificed for the little they have saved and to see it sliced away arbitrarily to save a bank that was anything but conscious of their fiduciary responsibilities is a fool’s play. Bank administrators and their Board of Directors s must be held responsible just like any business, otherwise it is legalized theft..

  6. When we step out of the box cars Dr. Samaras will direct us which line we should join, the one to the work camp where we suffer, freeze and are worked to death, or the other that leads to the gas chamber. Either way under his leadership we come to the same conclusion.

  7. No one is suggesting banks are above the law only that our banks should be healthy. If our banks went under there would be civil war.

  8. Nothing you said changes the reality that the alternatives are far far worse. Would you prefer civil war?

  9. The PASOK-New Democracy junta Dictatorship is FINISHED and all will be soon arrested and jailed for High Treason!
    Why hasn’t the Greek Press or Justice here asked where the 25o million Euros in bogus loans to these 2 Corrupt Parties who never paid a penny back and into whose PASOK & ND pockets did the money disappear into??
    OUTRAGEOUS behaviour by theses Parties & the Press & Justice System!

  10. Then ask Samaras where the bogus Bank loans went to first !

    We all want to know how good of Gov’t managers they are when they owe millions to the Banks and have still not paid their rents!

  11. Would you rather pefer this Samaras/PASOK criminal & totally CORRUPT Junta style Dictatorship for life in Greece?!

  12. No then the Samaras/Venizelos Dictatorship would swing into full force and rob all the banks, not just half of them.

  13. There is no excuse for banks behaving badly. If a bank goes under it is either purchased or shut down protecting the depositors. But somewhere in this matrix there must be consequences. Civil war could come regardless of the banking crisis.

  14. Samaras has absolutely nothing to do with “bogus bank loans”. Constantly resorting to slander (and calls for violence) only indicates that you yourself are a fanatic.

  15. A democratically elected government isn’t a “junta”. Your constant misuse of words only further indicate that you are corrupt yourself.

  16. Civil war against other Greeks? To what ends? It certainly won’t fix our economy. That’s certainly something the Greek haters would love to see

  17. Anyone that calls a democratically elected government as “dictatorship” or “junta” is a fanatic.

  18. Greece’s total debt repayments due in 2014 are €31.6bn. The total EU-ECB-IMF loan funds available to meet that sum are €17.5bn. That’s a €14.1bn shortfall. The €0.8bn of Greek surplus doesn’t even make a dent in it. Greece will need a 3rd EU-ECB-IMF bailout otherwise it will default, possibly as early as late May 2014.
    The Venizelos-Samaras Junta is on it’s DEATHBED and is literally reliant on NEW additional EU-ECB-IMF life support to stay alive.

  19. New Democracy reportedly owes some 105 million euros ($142.5 million) to the state-operated ATEbank, which had to be taken over by Piraeus bank because of bad loans, and 15 million euros ($20.3 million) to Piraeus Bank. PASOK reportedly has borrowed 97 million euros from ATEbank,($131.72 million) along with 22 million euros ($29.8 million) from Attica Bank, 10 million euros ($13.5 million) from Marfin and 5 million euros ($6.79 million) from Piraeus. WHERE HAS ALL THIS MONEY GONE? It’s gone into the pockets of the criminal politicians that serve in New Democracy and PASOK.

    Will you ignore the unprecedented corruption of the New Democracy-PASOK coalition regime, aka Venizelos-Samaras Junta like an obedient little Junta fanatic?