Farmers Republic, The First Greek Super-Market Without Middle-Men


The first farmers’ supermarket without middle-men is about to open in Greece, in the region of Agios Stefanos. Both fresh and pre-packaged products from 150 producers will be stocked. The supermarket will also provide online ordering and delivery services.

This is the innovative idea of entrepreneur Dimitris Koutsolioutsos. Koutsolioutsos has already established an online grocer called With Farmers Republic, he is trying to establish in Greece a model that is already widespread abroad.

The difference between Farmers Republic and markets as we know is that it won’t be outdoors but enclosed in an area covering 1,200 square meters. In addition, there will be shelves with space for more than 100 different types of pre-packaged agricultural products.

The innovative store will be open daily as a supermarket, while on Saturdays will operate as a street market with 40 stalls.

The region of Agios Stefanos was chosen as it is easily accessible from the national highway linking Athens and Lamia. The inauguration of Farmers Republic will take place on January 25. This also happens to be the day of institutionalization of open air markets for producers, as outlined in a forthcoming bill to be put before parliament.

Farmers that wish to be part of the Farmers Republic, must be professional producers and their products must be organic. They should have the necessary certificates to prove this. According to Koutsioloutsos, this new super-market will be a fair trade shop with fair prices for consumers and producers alike.


  1. Farmers markets is not an “innovative idea”. It’s the way things used to be done. The reason we don’t do this anymore is because its highly inefficient to sell food in this manner. Specialization is what creates productivity. If farmers try to be retailers they end up both inefficient farmers and inefficient retailers. This is precisely why supermarkets exist and why farmers sold to distributors rather than directly. Greece needs to focus on actual productivity not gimmicks.