Giannis Mpoutaris, “Soros Gives Money to the Poor, But What About Other Greek Tycoons?”


The Mayor of Thessaloniki, Greece, Giannis Mpoutaris inaugurated the first center of Solidarity Now in the middle of the city. He made special reference to the Open Society Foundation of the American investor George Soros, and donations made by the organization to vulnerable groups in Greece.
There has been a lot of debate as to the motives of the American tycoon, however Mpoutaris dismissed the speculation and suggested that anyone who is suspicious of Soros, should ask themselves why Greek investors do not follow his example.

“It should not be the center of attention why Soros gives money to Thessaloniki or other Greek regions, or even to NGOs in order to help vulnerable groups. On the contrary, it is the fact that Greek tycoons, ship owners or those from the Diaspora do not follow his example, which should cause the most concern. We must wonder why we give the right to the German magazine Der Spiegel, to characterize the Greek financial elite as “horrible citizens” due to their apparent lack of similar compassion.”

The Mayor of Thessaloniki continued, “Even when the Greek Diaspora tried to help, the door was firmly shut by State mechanisms. We mock Greek expat intentions to help our society. We do not let them invest when they try to do so. This reality should give us food for thought and not George Soros’ donations.”

Mpoutaris was also asked to comment on Soros’ position regarding the FYROM name issue. It has been suggested that Soros has in the past made statements which have been interpreted as supporting FYROM. Mpoutaris replied, “I do not believe that George Soros is either with Greece or FYROM regarding the name dispute between the two countries. He keeps his opinion to himself. I can assure you about that as I know him personally. His actions speak louder than his words.”



  1. The person that wrote this article should dig a little deeper. George Soros also funded the Skopians. George Soros funds causes that politically suit him to push his fake “human rights” agenda. He supports multiculturalism and illegal immigration in every country save one.

  2. Mpoutaris needs to learn basis mathematics.. Soros is worth more than the top 1000 Greeks combined.

  3. “Even when the Greek Diaspora tried to help, the door was firmly shut by State mechanisms.”

    This ridiculous statement is a perfect example of populalism at work. No one in the government prevents Greeks from helping the poor.

    Boutaris is a founding member of the Drasi party. For anyone that knows who Nick Dimou is (also a member of Drasi), they are basically an anti-hellenic party. The morons that vote for them have no clue what’s going on.

  4. The Niarchos Foundation and the Onassis Foundation not only help the poor, they also donate money for theatres, cultural exhibitions and museums. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is currently building a huge library and cultural centre in Faliro.

  5. Jewish international capitalist billionaire George Soros is the patron Saint of leftists!
    As reported by Wirtschaftswoche Magazine: the famous Jewish international Capitalist George Soros arranged and paid for Alexis Tsipras, the Leader of SYRIZA (Coalition of Radical Left) to visit America, through the “INET” institute.
    The Jewish billionaire Soros uses SYRIZA and other Leftists like Giannis Mpoutaris to serve his interests – and the interests of the international Jewish usurers. The Greek people don’t want Marxist puppets of Zionism like Tsipras and Giannis Mpoutaris dragging Greece further into ruin. SYRIZA and other Greek Leftists are the rebels of wall street.

  6. Yiannis Boutaris has links with the Communist Party of Greece (KKE).

    KKE was founded on 4 November 1918 by Sephardic Jew Avraam Benaroya.
    (“surprise surprise”). George Soros is also a Jew. (“surprise surprise”).

    Only a Greece governed by Golden Dawn would be willing and capable of severing the tentacles that World Jewry has wrapped around Greece’s domestic political affairs.

    Exerpt from article:

    “The mayor said he would accept money from the Communist Party (KKE), with which he was affiliated.”

  7. Just more economic CRIMES from the shipowners and rich elites here all blessed by this Gov’t of Thieves and Liars… GET RID OF THEM ALL NOW!!!

  8. I think Tspiras is smarter than to be taken in by these Tycoons and playing with Soros and all these rich elites to pick their brains and use it later to get RID of them and this rotten Gov’t of PASOK and ND Criminals who should all be arrested and jailed for High Treason!

  9. The greek diaspora do not donate money as the people who work in the public service are never accountable.They do not assist Greeks who return back to visit their homeland and when they go to any government department they are mocked and ripped off by the local Greeks.When they try to seek justice in Greece or gain back property the solicitors never assist taking years to get to trial or make backhand deals with the opposing solicitors. Greece does not even have land titles office or any public toilets…Walk the strets of thessaloniki and good luck finding a public toilet Mr Mpoutaris…
    Unfortuantely the greek diaspora is always ripped of by the greeks who live in greece.Sad but true..
    So how do you expect anyone to donate money to anyone in Greece.

  10. Why should the Greek diaspora need to bailout the corruption within Greece that caused the problem in the first place.
    People that need to help out the country are the criminal corrupt politicians themselves. Current politicians including x politicians and PM’s are the first place to start.
    The Greek diaspora, most earned their money through hard work …

  11. Follow Soros and his example? All he does is open up information/propaganda centers in countries he aids to manipulate local markets and profit. Last person Greece would want help from right now is $oros. $oros waves around the aid flag and marches under it, but its just a way for him to get his claws and fangs in and profit.

    Mpoutaris has proven once again he is a high idiot of no comparison.

  12. He’s not a traitor, just a walking and talking clown, the real idiots are the ones who voted him in office.


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