Greek Supreme Court Paves Way for Reinstatement of Wages to Men and Women in Uniform

Greek Supreme Court Source:

The Greek Supreme Court‘s advisers voted almost unanimously in favor of thousands of military, police and coast guard personnel who saw their wages slashed in 2012.

A number of federations and coalitions of uniformed men and women had appealed to the Supreme Court in January 2013, asking for the reinstatement of their pre-August 2012 monthly salaries.

The initial decision paves the way for a final Greek Supreme Court ruling within the next three months. If adopted by the Greek Supreme Court, the ruling will force the Greece’s Government to return upwards of 100 million euros in back pay.

According to the appeal made by the federations and coalitions of uniformed men and women, the third Memorandum of Understanding violates the constitutional “Right to Equality”. In Article 25 of the Greek Constitution, the burden for national and social solidarity is placed, not selectively, but on each and every employed citizen working in the private and public sector.

The appeal also states that the wage cuts violate the European Charter of Human Rights, as well as Article 4 of the European Social Charter pertaining to the Right to a Fair Remuneration.

In a statement on Vima FM regarding the issue, Government Spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said that “the Government respects the decisions of the Greek Supreme Court” but will refrain from commenting until it sees the Supreme Court decision.


  1. It took the Supreme Court here in Greece 2 years to realize the Servicemen were being robbed by their own Gov’t of Thieves and Liars. But at least the court finally woke up to the Criminality going on with Stournaras & PASOK & ND!

    This is what happens when you live in a Samaras-Venizelos junta Dictatorship!
    GET RID OF ALL THESE PASOK & ND Political SCUM & Crooks NOW!!!

  2. Wage cuts are a human right issue? How [email protected] up can a country be when judges can decide how the economy is run.

    Greece is the toilet of Europe and an embarrassment to Western Democracies