Cooperation Between Greek and Palestinian Universities

studentsThe rector of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, Yiannis Mylopoulos and the new ambassador of Palestine in Greece, Marwan Toubassi, announced a collaboration between the University of Thessaloniki and Palestinian institutions.

The two men met on Tuesday and agreed to accelerate procedures for the signing of Memoranda of Collaboration between universities in the two countries, as well as several proposals relating to students.

Mylopoulos proposed that Palestinian students should attend the summer classes organised by Aristotle University at the Kalandra university camp in Halkidiki and also the seminars of the Interdisciplinary Center for Aristotle Studies.

They also discussed possible scholarships available to Palestinian students for postgraduate and especially doctorate research as Palestinian universities do not offer these.

The Palestinian ambassador said that the rector’s proposals confirm the support and solidarity of Greece with the Palestinian people, noting that over the last 50 years thousands of Palestinian students have graduated from Aristotle University. He pledged his support for the Memoranda of Collaboration, pointing out that science is the most powerful weapon of the Palestinian people.

The rector of Aristotle University underlined that Greece has always supported the Palestinians. He added that Palestinian students who have graduated from Aristotle University are the best ambassadors of Greek culture.




  1. Funny how in Greece about 50% of the population supports Gaza terrorists and how 50% sensible people support Israel.
    By the way, Palestine has no ambassador. There is no country named Palestine.

  2. Courses available through this program will be a ‘Bachelor of Nuclear Engineering’ specialising in bomb making & setting it off via the sixth sense.

    Typical of Greece to join forces with Hamas….

  3. Show the UN reports to the 50% who support Palis, how their freedom fighters took priests hostage in the church of the nativity, went to the bathroom on the altar, think it’s ok to force rape orthodox women to marry them, terrorize christians in the area etc. etc. the list is long on these Pali works of art.