Greek Farmers Preparing for New Showdown With Government

greek-farmer-tractorsStarting Tuesday, Greek farmers have planned a new round of protests in towns and villages all over Greece. Amongst their basic demands towards Greek lawmakers is the annulment of mandatory accounting ledgers for small and medium sized farming businesses, the raising of non-taxable family income rates to 40,000 euro (with an additional 5,000 for every child), and the adjustment of bad loans.

Leading the protests is a committee of farmers known as the “Blockade of Nikaia,” which played a front-line role in last year’s demonstrations. Apart from congregating with their tractors in the town squares, Greek farmers will also demonstrate outside of tax offices on Friday. On the first of February, a major demonstration will be held in Thessaloniki.

Traditionally, Greek farmers have blockaded Greek national roads when their demands were not met, and it’s expected they may do so again.