Greek Farmers Preparing for New Showdown With Government

greek-farmer-tractorsStarting Tuesday, Greek farmers have planned a new round of protests in towns and villages all over Greece. Amongst their basic demands towards Greek lawmakers is the annulment of mandatory accounting ledgers for small and medium sized farming businesses, the raising of non-taxable family income rates to 40,000 euro (with an additional 5,000 for every child), and the adjustment of bad loans.

Leading the protests is a committee of farmers known as the “Blockade of Nikaia,” which played a front-line role in last year’s demonstrations. Apart from congregating with their tractors in the town squares, Greek farmers will also demonstrate outside of tax offices on Friday. On the first of February, a major demonstration will be held in Thessaloniki.

Traditionally, Greek farmers have blockaded Greek national roads when their demands were not met, and it’s expected they may do so again.


  1. They must pay Taxes same as all of us…No one is exempted fro paying their dues…Greek farmers are no better then the rest of us…

  2. One thing is for certain. NONE of these farmers and their families will be voting for New Democracy or PASOK. Most likely their votes will be going to SYRIZA and Golden Dawn.

  3. I will also vote for a party that is against making me pay for the Greek state debt.
    No need to be a farmer or a Greek for this reasonable choice.

  4. Farmers are right to be angry, but everybody in Greece should pay their taxes. What happened in the period 1981-2009 (tax evasion, fake investment loans, etc.) should never be repeated in Greece. I don’t want to hear anymore about scandals like this one farmer in Mykonos who took a loan with a 0% interest rate to improve its crops and spent all the money to build a house to his daughter instead.
    About farming, one thing should be also improved. Greeks should stop buying all the crappy Belgian and Dutch tomatoes, the tasteless Chinese garlic, Turkish potatoes (marketed als Naxos ones…) and so on. Greece has a huge variety of agricultural products, if you lived in Greece or have been there you certainly know how a Greek tomato tastes – no need to import tasteless foreign products.
    Also, Greece should improve its marketing abroad. It’s absolutely terrifying seeing supermarkets’ shelves in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands full of plastic Spanish olives. Now buy those plastic aceitunas espanolas and buy original olives from Kalamata or Amphissa: huge difference.
    It’s true that today people prefer cheap (and Spanish olives, Dutch tomatoes, etc. ARE cheap), but there is still a big market for quality products around the world. This should be Greece’s market.
    I always bring my friends abroad tons of Greek olive oil, Greek wine – try the Xinomavro, the Nemea, the Moschofilero, whatever you like – they always ask for more and even organise special dinners for the occasion.
    Foreigners LOVE Greek products, they just cannot find them so often. Greece has just a 4% stake in the international olive oil market, but it’s the 3rd international producer. How is that?
    Wake up Greece!