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Greek-News-in-TurkishThe Greek TV station Channel 6 (Kanali 6) in the region of Xanthi, Thrace, northeastern Greece and the journalist John Sidiropoulos decided to create a 6 minute information bulletin in Turkish. The purpose was to reduce the isolation felt by the small Turkish community in the area and to provide reliable information on a daily basis. Especially after the abolition of National Public Television there has been a big gap in the amount of information available.

The news bulletin in Turkish will last 6 minutes and will be broadcast immediately after the end of the Greek news at 9 p.m., 11:30 p.m., 01:30 a.m, 08:30 a.m and 15:15 p.m.

Channel 6 and other local media are trying to establish a new communication framework  with the Turkish minority in Thrace. A few months ago the Turkish newspaper EYLEM was released in Xanthi. This is the first newspaper that exclusively addresses the Turkish minority in the area.

However there have been several negative reactions. But representatives of  Channel 6 and the journalist John Sidiropoulos point out that a TV station cannot resolve issues that have been unsolved for a century. They claim that the political rift between Greece and Turkey should not be confused with the needs of society.

Sidiropoulos specializes in Human Rights and issues relating to ethnic diversity in Greece and Europe. He will soon visit Turkey and the Kultur University in Istanbul where he will investigate the relationship between Greece and Turkey.


  1. Anyone living in any country should know how to speak to speak the local language. Otherwise they shouldn’t live in the country. Sidiropoulos is a treasonous gullible fool that is unworthy of the name Greek.

  2. Sidiropoulos is human, you are not. Maybe they should ban the Greek news in the diaspora?

  3. I am so glad that I live in Greece and finally our Turkish roots are coming out slowly & steady

  4. I’m surprised there wasn’t a six minute news blurb for the Albanian, Skopian, Syrian, Somali and Chinese population pockets.

  5. I’m offering my Macedonian linguistics to any Greek news station. Any producers around to sign me up?

    I don’t take Souvlaki as a form of payment.

  6. The Macedonian language is Greek, not be confused with Bulgarian that you are referring to.

    Alexander spoke Doric Greek, when your kind were still in the testicles of cavemen.

  7. Alexander was considered a Barbarian & was taught the Greek langvich, just like you were taught the English one!!

  8. Nobody ever called Alexander a barbarian and he himself said that he was Greek for example when he wrote to the king of Persia explaining why he invaded them. Some Athenians however called his father a barbarian, some other Athenians said these people were lying and that Phillip was indeed Greek. Athens also called the Arcadians barbarians and they lived north of Sparta making the motives behind claims of greekness apparent to all with some pinch of intelligence.That is, only a brainwashed slav would take out only that which suits him and ignore the rest like you just did.

    Also everything that has been found from ancient Macedonia is written in Greek, there exists nothing that shows any other language being spoken by the Macedonians, in fact the only language that it is proven they spoke is Greek. Check the cup of akesandros for example which is from the heart of Macedonia inscribed in Greek and is from 700 BC, ie around 400 years before Alexander the great.

    How are we Macedonians not Greek again? Oh, that’s right we always have been Greek.

  9. So let me get this straight, all I have to do to become a Greek citizen and to inherit all of it’s history is to just learn Greek!? Wow, Didn’t know it was that easy, hang on there’s a linguistics school just across the street. Or do I also have to become darker, because summer’s a few months away.

  10. It’s ok, Greece will take anything. I remember a guy named Istor once said that being Greek doesn’t mean what genetics you have, it’s about if you feel Greek, speak it, know your history blah blah. Just like Golden Dawn blackness feeling white inside..

  11. Yes and so were other Greek states and cities witin the ancient world, so what is your point???

    He spoke Doric, worshipped 12 gods, had the best scholars of the ancient world and united all the Greeks.

    Lets not go to far…. My DNA matches that of a Greek, as so does his…what about yours…. I don’t recall Slavs being in the Balkans around 250bc???

    Once again, your fraudulent race, doesn’t accept it’s identity and is trying to steal mine. Your history only goes back to 1974… , but given that you have a bastard gene pool, you need to feel a sense of belonging so you create these false beliefs and propaganda….

    Maybe you need to erect a statue of Tito, who put you in the map.

    Btw… English is my first language

  12. Well it’s better than stealing it…
    Hey based on your theory, then you might as well take over Bulgaria… Cause that’s your language isn’t it?

  13. But you know that the Macedonians shared architecture style, culture, festivals and religion etc as well with the rest of the Greeks but you choose to pretend that the argument was only about language? Not at all playing dumb.

    All Greek tribes had their own variations of the Greek traditions and manner, even between the Macedonians who were not a single united tribe until later times but several tribes, but the were all still Greeks. Then the Greek people homogenized after Alexander and under Roman rule leading to there being no separate Macedonian nor Corinthian nor Arcadian (etc) people around during the slavic incursions into Greece, but only Greeks. If you look it up you will also see that the empire had rather specific measures put forth to stop any slavification of its people and isolated the slavs and in some cases sent them away to Turkey among other places in addition to fighting them in war after war. During Ottoman times the Greek people survived due to the political decisions of the Ottomans same as Bulgarians and Serbs and others leading to the Greek people of today who have an undisputed link to their past in the region.

    Now in all of this no separate ‘slavic Macedonian’ people has been recorded by outsiders nor themselves in all this time, and when such a people started to appear in the last days of the Ottoman empire they themselves said they were Bulgarian in the ethnic sense and it was first much later that this started to be omitted and disputed, ie a ‘slavic Macedonian’ people has been created forcefully by politics from a Bulgarian people in recent times. These people have no place laying claim to Greek names, heritage and sovereign lands and that is all there is to it.

    Fun fact contrary to popular FYROM belief, Greece was the first modern country to use Macedonia officially as a part of its country. The region of Macedonia was called simply Macedonia up until 1987 when it was split into West, Central and eastern Macedonia. It was the ‘ministry of Northern Greece’ that got a name change from Northern Greece to Macedonia (and Thrace), and that ministry was named ‘ministry of Northern Greece’ first when the two ministries of Macedonia and Thrace were joined together in the 20s.

    So while FYROM was called Vardar Banovina the administrative region in north Greece was proudly called Macedonia.

  14. Correction, the two ministries (Macedonia and Thrace) were not joined together to form the ministry of Northern Greece in the 20s but in 1945.
    (The word used back then was Governorate-General and the word ministry came first in a renameing in 1955 if one should be completly accurate)

  15. Greeks in the diaspora learn the local language you leftist fool.

    Why do you think they don’t bother leaning Greek in the first place? Its a form of irredentism you moron.

  16. Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia was a self-identifying GREEK.

    You are welcome to come down to Pella and see the inscriptions on ancient Macedonia artifacts. A greek translator will help you read them.

  17. So let us get this straight, what exactly do you have in common with your claimed roots that Greek don’t have far more in common with theirs?

  18. Hey Skopian now you keep pretending to be Greek? You really need to make up you mind what you are. One day Bulgarian, the next Yugoslavian, the next related to ancient Macedonian!

  19. “… not only no Greek, nor related to the Greeks, but not even a barbarian from any place that can be named with honors, but a pestilent knave from Macedonia, whence it was never yet possible to buy a decent slave” – Demosthenes, Third Philippic, 31. The famous words that this orator from Athens used to describe the Macedonian king Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great, prior to Philip’s conquest of Peloponesus.

  20. Coming soon.

    News in a BULGARIAN dialect that Yugoslav communists modified and renamed “Macedonian”.

    No amount of “recognition” will every change the Greek writing on ancient Macedonian artifacts Skopians. You can play pretend all you want that you can read whats on ancient Macedonian artifacts but only someone fluent in Greece can read them.

  21. Skopians are so hypocritical and in denial they even can’t face the fact that ancient Macedonians self-identified as Greeks. FYROM… a nation of slavic frauds ashamed of their own Bulgarian heritage..

    “Men of Athens, that which I am about to say I trust to your honour; and I charge you to keep it secret from all excepting Pausanias, if you would not bring me to destruction. Had I not greatly at heart the common welfare of Greece, I should not have come to tell you; but I am myself a Greek by descent, and I would not willingly see Greece exchange freedom for slavery”
    Alexander I of Macedonia, Herodotus, Histories, book 9

  22. Which Aeschines refuted. Two politicians arguing. But i guess you believe Athenians when they said arcadians were barbarians also? Bulgarian retard is what you are.

  23. Except that in reality it is demotic that is written in the middle section, which was a egyptian language and not some fantasy separate macedonian language (the macedonians spoke greek as everyone with a brain knows, thats why the egyptians bothered to include greek there in the first place)


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