Human Rights Watch Slams Greece

Greek police arrest suspected illegal immigrants
Human Rights Watch used harsh language towards Greece and the EU in its annual report that was published on Tuesday January 21, 2014. “European Union (EU) leaders in 2013 acknowledged problems of rising intolerance and persistent human rights violations across the EU, but failed to take concerted action,” wrote the 667-page report.

“Respect for human rights is measured in deeds, not words,” said Judith Sunderland, senior Europe and Central Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch. “Ordinary people, from the homeless in Hungary, to black and Arab teenagers constantly stopped by the police in France, to Syrian asylum seekers in Greece, are paying the price for the lack of robust rights enforcement.”

The chapter on Greece in particular, stressed the fact that there have been ongoing attacks on immigrants — 104 in the first 9 months of 2013 — and an increase in attacks against homosexuals. The bill presented in November by the Greek government concerning racist speech and incitement of violence did not address all problems in the existing legislation.

Furthermore, the report contains extensive references to illegal immigrants and especially Syrian refugees and their return to Turkey. Regarding the new asylum providing service which began accepting applications in June, HRW points out that access to asylum remains difficult. Greece has the lowest asylum percentage in the EU (0.9% in 2012).

There was also concern for Roma people seeing as in the first 9 months of 2013, Greek police made 1,131 arrests in camps while Roma children have yet to be integrated in Greek schools.

As far as the EU is concerned, the report mentioned “Racism and homophobia remained serious problems in the EU, prompting calls from the European Parliament and the Council of Europe for more efforts to counter extreme forms of intolerance. Roma, migrants and asylum seekers are particularly marginalized, while Europe’s Muslims face discrimination in many spheres, including the right to exercise religious freedom.”


  1. Human traffickers mostly based in Turkey are the problem. It appears however no one is willing to identify the perpetrators or they become targets for retribution. So these worthless human rights organizations focus on the victim nations for their venomous publicity campaigns.

  2. True. When Syrian “refugees” cross their borders into Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan, they can be classed as refugees or asylum seekers. Once they move from these four neighbouring countries into other countries, they (should) lose their refugee status as they have now become economic migrants.

  3. Human rights watch are self-righteous Greek hating idiots. No one agreed to mass illegal immigration. HRW et al. effectively support human trafficking by attempting to block every attempt we make to stop illegal migration. In addition, they pretend they don’t notice the Skopians sudden transformation to hide their shame for calling obvious conscious propagandists “ethnic Macedonians”. Greece should expel HRW watch and any other foreign funded NGO in Greece that calls Skopians “Macedonian”. They are security threat and wannabe ethnic cleanser of Greeks.

  4. Exactly right. The victim here is Greece that is being invaded by hoards of disrespectful illegals (over 50% of the EU’s illegals come through tiny Greece) yet to listen to these pseudo human rights organizations we are the perps.

    Organzations that put “human rights’ in their name are basically a new priest class that thinks whatever exits their mouth amounts to absolute moral authority. Pure -ssholes. Our government should expel these idiots from Greece for interfering in our sovereignty.

  5. The “refugees” are more concerned with joining family and friends in Northern Europe. The focus on the issue MUST be policing the traffickers that scam them into believing for thousands of euros they can slip them into Europe.

  6. I cannot agree more. It is those self professed do-gooders that pontificate before the media of their feelings about human rights instead of addressing the problem of trafficking that deserves the media’s attention and our scorn.

  7. Why don’t these illegal con-artists claim political asylum in Turkey? I’ll tell you why, they’re economic migrants. Judith Sunderland of HRW doesn’t mention most of these illegal clowns are in it for economic reasons. What about the human rights of people in Greece having to deal with these illegal con-artists? Why should Greece have to put up with the economic strain they cause? Where is the respect these illegals have for Greece flooding the country and laughably claiming political asylum?

    Why not focus on the facts, why aren’t these illegals claiming political asylum in the previous countries they illegally entered Greece from? Their political asylum claims are bogus, HRW has no credibility whatsoever.

    Look and laugh at the two-faced one sided Inhumane Rights Blinded Fool Judith Sunderland, who willfully tries to bully the victim in all this.

  8. Exactly, it’s downright absurd the animals in HRW blame Greece who is the victim in all this.

  9. Judith Sunderland is a greek hating bigot that hides her prejudices behind the words human rights. The only “good” Greek for ethnic cleansers like Dunderland is one willing to commit ethnic suicide.

  10. “She” looks more like a “Shim” must be gender confused among her/his many other issues.

  11. Says the Turkish immigrant naturalised in Greece and now comes on here spitting hate because deep down he hates who he really is.

  12. Opa you are truly a turd.
    Your Bulgarian father should of sprayed your mothers back instead of conceiving you.

  13. Who wants a drafty leaking tent in Turkey with one highly questionable meal a day at some UN refugee camp, when there are rumours of three hots and a cot free in Europe. Turks to the Arab are the lowliest of low and are barely tolerable even among fellow Muslims. So Syrian men scrape up what funds they can and pay some POS Turk trafficker to smuggle them over the border and later the rest of their family..

  14. Says the guy whose people were under 100+ more years of Turkish occupation and whose capital (never part of any Macedonian region in history before 1944) had a muslim majority for practically all of said occupation.

  15. If you agree, you should strongly oppose leftists in the coming election. Virtually to a man, its leftists (including Syriza) that keep defending illegal immigration.

    I’m not making this up. I’m a moderate swing voter that used to occasionally vote moderate left but no more since so much of the left became anti-hellenic ehile other leftists don’t condemn their treason.

    Read the leftist “Greeks” that write for the anti-greek trolls at the Guardian and NY Times (That try to hide their shame for calling Skopians Macedonians by downplaying the issue of FYROM’s obvious state propaganda geared to irredentism)

    Its leftist Greeks that keep shilling for foreign states and foreign funded NGOs by by ridiculously blaming Greece for illegals flooding our country. Some of these far leftist vermin even treasonously call the Skopians “Macedonians”.

    Not everyone on the Greek left is a bad person but even the moderate left patriots are in denial of fact a portion of the Greek left are extremists and treasonous. The rise of far left extremism in Greece is one of the reasons for the counter reaction of Golden Dawn (also an over reaction). We have to come back to the center for the sake of our country not support fanatics that want to start a civil war.

  16. Looks like your typical self-righteous Leftist airhead. I’ll remember this face — for when it’s time to hang these people.

  17. If the morons of these human rights want let them bring these people to countries that agree with them ,as someone said before once these people cross over a second border then these people have no rights at all I would bring all this trash and force them back to turkey where they were allowed to enter and travel at will for hundreds if kilometers ,If the Greek people do not wake up by placing politicians who will actually put Greece first than for their own interest then we will be a minority in our own land ,I guarantee you people out there who believe you can come and rape my country ,and disrespect ,and rob the people who have a history for thousands of years and their blood was spilled to preserve their land ,their language ,their religion . You are so wrong ,never again ,enough is enough .
    As a Greek being born in Laconia but living in Canada since i was 5 years old ,I have never met anybody from any other country in the world and I live with people from every corner of this earth ,have such attachment as Greeks feel to there home land ,the land ,the sea,the sky,the sounds and smell ,that is why it would never happen again ,and there are more Greeks living outside of Greece then there are in Greece ,this is to the ignorant border nations that think there are only 11 million Greeks only

  18. Human Rights Watch is BOGUS! They wrote and told me that I did not have sufficient evidence to support my case as an American citizen. They never even reviewed the report or credible witness testimony: A multi-million dollar law suit of U.S. Constitutional Law violations and 15 Human Rights violations. Human Rights Watch does not have ANY CREDIBLITIY AND OPERATES ON Washington’s DOUBLE STANDARDS OF CORRUPTION!