Xeros Working With Cells of Fire


Greece’s anti-terrorist police, hunting for escaped November 17 terrorist Christodoulos Xeros now have to worry that he’s teamed up with colleagues from the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fires, after having associated with them while he was in prison before walking away from a furlough earlier this month.

In a video posted on the Internet, Xeros made a proclamation similar to those given by other terrorist or fundamentalist organizations, such as Al Qaeda, or other liberation movements,  such as the Irish IRA or the Basque ETA.

Dressing simply, he took a profile seemed to identify himself with the people, and dissociate himself even further from the government he blames for imposing austerity measures on the order of international lenders, for which he said political leaders are now targeted for death for treason.

The use of language in the video was simple. He used his identity, as a member of November 17, to earn “supporters”.

Since Xeros’ escape, commanding officers said they fear a barrage of terrorist attacks of various forms and that a new “blood circle” is imminent, which might include attacks, assassinations or abductions.

Greek Police stated that part of the text that Xeros was reading in the video was written on Dec. 31, 2013, while he was still in Korydallos Prison, the night he was allowed to have a New Year’s Eve party with fellow terrorists from the Cells of Fire before being allowed a seventh furlough, despite his conviction for his role in six murders, for which he was serving six life sentences.

Authorities said they believe Xeros and the Cells of Fire group worked together on the proclamation and planned his escape. He later taunted the government, saying he had made fools of officials who gave him a holiday vacation from prison.